Thursday, May 29, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger.

Mum has been bizzy again this past week and we have new plants to show for it.
 The back of mum's metal monster when she got home last Caturday from the sale.
 Five of the plants went outside the kitch-hen window, they are supposed to be good for attracting butterflies!
 Here are a few new ones in front. Mum added some pink catmint!, coneflowers and bee balm!
Me, hanging out in the flower bed. I like it down here with all the neat plants. Now I am going to toss this post to Glimmer in the back yard!
Hi, hi, hi, oh, umm. Yes, I am Glimmer, you might amember me from last fall when mum brought me home. I stayed inside all winter, which was good as it was so cold. Mum has now allowed me out in the back yard.
This is our purrty crabby apple tree in full bloom. Mum says she was actually around the days it was at its best. The blossoms also lasted a long time since we didn't get a lot of wind and rain.
Now the pink is falling to the ground with pink confetti.

Come back next week please! Love from us, Virginger and Glimmer.


  1. Such wonderful colors in your yard! We're glad to see that Glimmer was finally allowed out to play, too.

  2. Your yard is really taking shape. Your mom has really been working hard and it shows.

  3. meowloz V & G...yur garden iz lookin grate....N we hope if ya haz hares hangin round yur nayborhood they due knot eat de butterfly bushes.... rabbitz eated de two we had all de way down ta soil.... we toll de food gurl ta put our brushed out fur round de base but did her listen ta uz....nooooooooooe....knot til it wuz two late....happee week N see ya in June !!

  4. Goodness, you're Mom has been busy!

    The crabapple tree is just stunning. We love when it loses its petals, too. The ground does look just like confetti!

    Happy Thursday, furriends!

  5. Your crabby apple tree is very pretty. We have one too...but this year it didn't flower as nice as in previous years.

  6. Oh, Mommy loves coneflowers...we hope you post photos when they bloom, Virginger!

  7. You look good admiring all the new flowers Virginger. It is very kind of you to let Glimmer share your post.
    The crabby apple looks beautiful.


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