Thursday, May 1, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger. Our bulbs continue to bloom, all of the hiya-sinths are at it now.

Part of the old sedum that mum transplanted away from the house is growing, she thought she deaded it, but it is just a bit slow in coming back.
Tulip getting ready to bloom soon.
Another sedum that survived the destruction.
More of the blue hiya-sinths.
Been a rainy and cloudy week here this week. We all would like some sunshine!

See you next week, love Virginger.


  1. Your flowers are lovely!

    Happy Thursday, kittehz.

  2. We love the colors of your flowers!

  3. My yard looks somewhat the same, except some of our tulips are blooming. Isn't it nice?

  4. Well done mum and Virginger - the garden looks lovely.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. virginger....thiz bee a grate post thiz week...nice ta see yur gardenz startin ta grow...heer in TT itza slow go day itz 75 & de next de heetz bak on.... see ya next week ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. I bet the plants enjoy the rain, though!

  7. We love yer hyacinths. Ours only last a few years here (the voles allus get them eventually).

  8. Your hyacinths are looking very pretty Virginger.

  9. Your garden is starting to come to life, Virginger.

  10. You commented about our hummerbird. Yeah, that's how we knew at least one was around. The sugar water kept going down in the container... So it was around a few days before we saw it!

    And good thing TBT put the feeders out early cuz there sure isn't much fer a hummer ta feed from around here yet!

  11. So happy you can see green grass and pretty flowers finally!

  12. It's nice to see spring in Whisk-onsin and see some of Mom's old favorite flowers.


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