Monday, May 5, 2014

ManCat Monday - Stinko Mayo Day

In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats. - English Proverb

Happy Stinko Mayo day! No mum didn't have to go anywhere to get mayo or to mayo. We all get to be home. Well except mum, she is off day hunting.

Once again we were abandoned. She went off to her own Derby Day party and well it just happened to include racy cars as well. She even had a mint julep or two. Along with good foods and watching the race.

Not to worry, we will take off to another party over at the Tabby Cat Club for Stinko Mayo Day


  1. I hope I get some mayo today - I think it is quite tasty!

  2. Happy Cinco de Mayo to both of you.

  3. Fiesta time!!
    Happy Cinco de Meow!
    Annabelle, PB&J
    Angels Abby & Grace

  4. We enjoyed seeing Derby this weekend on the CB calendar!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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