Saturday, May 24, 2014


HiYa, Ducky here. We have a holly-day weekend and for us it started early. Mum was home from day hunting so we got an extra mum day! She had to be home so the fix-it man could come and make sure our air chiller was all hooked up for when we get the bad hots!

That meant we had to stay in mum sleepy room spot for hours! Even mum thought it took a long time but we now have cold air blowing if needed.

 I had a nice nap in the front window before the fix-it man arrived. Mum was working on here newsy paper.
 Mum let Glimmer go outside! Plus mum took each of us outside on Thursday evening. She just scooped us up in turn and held us as we went outside. Derby was first and he did ok, but then he got all squirmy on mum, so she brought him in. Then my turn. I was really quiet, but then started to meow! Mum knows when I do that I don't feel comfortable. I squeek and chirp when I am happy. So once the meows came out, mum brought me back inside.
 Mum cooked outside, so we got some roast beast!
 Derby chilling in the kitch-hen window while mum ate. Me checking out the goodies on mum's plate, wishing I could steal it all! No such luck!
We hopes you all have a safe weekend! Mum is getting ready to go plant shopping!


  1. Good to hear you got your air chiller checked out. Hopefully it won't be too hot of a summer. Our mom has been out plant shopping too. The place where she use to buy them that had the best went out of business last year. We only do a few containers for our balcony.

  2. That roast beef looks yummy! If your human is typical, I bet you just got tastes and did not get your fair share!

  3. It looks like your holiday weekend is off to a great start!

  4. We hope you got plenty of roast beast! In our house, we would have demanded some, especially Ashton, who will eat nearly anything the humans do.

  5. Mommy says she well remembers the humid HOTS so we're glad your A/C is ready to go! We thought you guys had a portable pop-up catio? maybe it was some other kitty...

  6. It does look pretty stealable!

  7. That sounds like a fabulous day all round - although a larger helping of roast beast would be made it perfect.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. Oooh look! We have the same (sorta) kitchen window! PURRfect for Sunpudle Naps!


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