Saturday, December 6, 2014


Happy Weekend Guys! We all are glad the weekend is here, specially mum. We thinks she is getting the sneazies.

Last night we made sure she got our Secret Paw Package ready to go. She will take it to the station today when she goes out to get foods in a little bit.

Yes we snoopervised, gotta stay on mum so she does a good job. Said it was hard to wrap little, soft, irreguraly, shaped objects. Hey you have thumbs, deal with it.

In other new, winter is weird. I was all cold and snowy in November, now in December it is nice. It is above freezing and what little snow on the ground is just about melted.

See that last picture and the small red box on the table. Mum is hard at work on the Christmouse cards. They are all addressed, return addressed, Christmouse seals on the back and all of cards are signed. Now she needs to go through and either put a letter in or write something. Then they will be ready to go. Mum has to look at her letter one last time afore she prints it out.


  1. Our weather's been better in December than it wuz in November too!

  2. Glad that you guys are snoopervising your mum closely so that she gets all her Chrissymouse stuff done.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Good work on the snoopervising. We had a very mild November, but now it has turned cold.

  4. Golly, I just ordered my Christmouse cards...your momma is way ahead of me!

  5. You're way ahead of us on the Secret Paws package. We have the presents, but we have an odd size item that we need to find a different box for.

  6. I am wondering when our Secret Paws package will arrive at its recipient's doorstep - it is going to Europe and we sent it out only a week ago.

  7. Some kitty or kitties is/are gonna be very lucky getting your Secret Paws package...'specially since you two helped pack everything so nicely. :)

  8. You kittehz have been hard at work!
    Hope your Mommy feels better and doesn't get sick. We are sending her healing purrs.


  9. Great supervising work, kitties :)


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