Thursday, December 11, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello from Virginger and Glimmer.

They paved the trail behind the house this summer and they made it a bit wider, so the big spruce across the trail was right on the edge of the trail. It is the big green tree to the left of the trail here. 
 Other winters, well, it was right by the trail but it provided a place for the little fevvers to protect them selves from the cold. You can see the green all the way down.
A month ago they came along and cut off the bottom third of branches! We don't know why, the county owns the land, they can do what they want with it. But we are sad to see the loss of places for the fevvers.
 Here is a closer view of the tree.

That is all. Love Virginger and Glimmer.


  1. We hope that all of the little creatures find places to stay warm anyhow. (What's with that much snow ALREADY?)

  2. At least they didn't cut the tree down. Hoping the little creatures find suitable places to stay out of the elements.

  3. What a pity! As well as taking away cover for smaller creatures, they have spoiled the natural beauty of the tree.
    Thank you for your card which arrived today.

  4. V & citee did thiz ta uz thiz past summer....burds ore knot they came thru N cut down treez long de hedgerow az far as de eye can we hafta look at crap azz naybors....hizzzzzzzzzzzz

    ♥♥♥ heers two a grate wek a head !!

  5. How dumb is that. My mom always gets bent out of shape when idiotic decisions like that are made.

  6. It's too bad that they did that. The tree looked so pretty going all the way to the ground.

  7. Before our time, back when TBT used to buy live dead Chistmas trees, he used to set them out in the yard in pre-dug holes to provide sheltered places for seeds for the birds all Winter. Now we have regular feeders. But that was a good idea.


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