Saturday, December 13, 2014


Happy Weekend, we have a slightly warm and foggy day for far. We can at least see across the street, but mum says when driving she couldn't see far ahead.

Mum has been out, got the foods and is home to work on stuff. Stuff like the Christmouse cards, laundry and then the blankie.

Oh, the blankie? Mum was reversing herself last night. She was taking it apart!
 Mum you just keep pulling this apart, making lots more lose yarns for me to play with. Why?
Seems she mis-calculated. Thought she only had one more big thing of  yarns to use, when she really had two, so to avoid having lots left over, she is reversing back to a point. The make it longer and THEN make the final turn.

Plus we got a sort of mum day yesterday. She took off from day hunting and went with Miss Lynn, Miss Jane and Mr Gary to the Christmouse market they always go to. She bought mittens and cheese! We will be able to have some of the cheese.

Plus they stopped at this store on the way back that all sorts of stuff vishus deers and such.

Mum and Miss Lynn looked at the stuffed animals, then just waited by the door while Mr Gary and Miss Jane found what they needed. Then mum came home to cuddle with us for the rest of the day.

Oh well, time to get mum working on the cards, lets turn on the Christmouse music and rock!


  1. Wow, lookit all those stuffed animals!

    Sorry your Mum had to unpick some of the blankie. I bet it will be extra nice now.

  2. You haven't been snoopervising your mum's rug closely enough, have you? Lift your game, guys!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. We just got one of those stores with the stuffed animals in our town & mom says the traffic is terrible now. Stuffed real animals is kinda creepy. We had heard rumors about their having real live dead big cats like bobcats & cougars just like in your mom's pictures. You don't think they stuff kitty cats like us to put in their displays - do you?

    Sorry you mom had to reverse directions on the beautiful blankie she is knitting. But now the person she's giving it to will get a bigger blankie & your mom won't waste any of that nice yarn. A win win situation. Hope you guys get a taste of that cheese later on.

  4. Mom thinks those stores with the stuffed animals are just plain creepy and she does not like them.
    The blankie looks as pretty as the one she made for us, whoever is gifted with it will love it just as much as we do.

  5. It's lucky those were stuffed vishus deer and nor real vishus deer out looking for tender young cats.

  6. Christmas is a really busy time for humans, isn't it?

  7. Wow, those are some interesting animals. Thank cod they were stuffed. :)

  8. Sounds like a good day.
    Our Mommy thinks she recognizes that store. There's lots of animals to look at there!

  9. Our Mommy has to rip out too...but mostly cos she mis-counts! We had lots of fog last week, we bet you have ours!

  10. Happy to hear your mom didn't bring one of those stuffed animals home!


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