Thursday, October 4, 2018

Garden Thursday

The change of season is upon us. The trees are turning colors, the weather is cold one day, warm the next, then back to cold. Never a dull moment!
 We still have some flowers in the yard blooming. It hasn't gotten that cold that everything got frozen.
A few more garden pics from mum's trip. These flowers are from the garden at Claude Monet's house at Giverney.
Enjoy, see you next week.


  1. Garden season coming to an end. Rats.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Those flowers are beautiful ! Purrs

  3. Gorgeous colors! I love the way the sunshine lights up everything these days...that is, when it's shining!

  4. The flowers are lovely. The colour of the last leaf is beautiful.

  5. So beautiful! We're starting to get cold-ish at night but we think we're still a month away from a freeze.

  6. Oh lucky Mom getting to see Monet's house and garden--the Human sometimes goes to one of the museums here to stare at some pictures. We wonder if he painted pictures of his house?? We wish it would start getting cold here, but that doesn't usually happen till after Halloween. We have hot weather in September and October.

  7. Beautiful flowers! Here at our condo they have been planting beautiful fall mums all over the property.


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