Thursday, October 18, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to the garden. Been cool here so the growing season is about done, a bit frosty but not super hard freeze, at least not yet. Maybe soon.

Mum went off to help at the community garden. The pulled out the last of the frozen plants, mainly annuals. Purrenials they leave up.
 TeeHee mum, we can see your shadow! Does that mean six more weeks until winter? That would be about December 1, so maybe so. We shall see!
 This was the area that mum cleared, all mari-golds, which were still sort of blooming, but this would be the last work day, so they got pulled.
 Mum can't remember what the flowers were here, but she planted a good many of them. She had sore knees after the planting day.
 All f the pots and raised beds, cleared out. Mum said she asked and they grew over 200 pounds of foods to donate to the food pantry.
 A few of the purrenials still up and blooming, some with seed pods that the in charge lady will get in a few weeks.
Mum had a bumbly bee on her, so she gently carried him over to these flowers. Nice and sunny with flowers so  he could find something to eat.

That is all for this week, thanks for visiting.


  1. It's wonderful that your clever mum contributes to your local community in this way. Well done. Looking forward to seeing her effort again towards the end of winter.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. The garden still looks pretty with the last of the flowers in bloom, and it looks nice and tidy where it has been cleared out.

  3. Betcha that bumblebee was happy to be escorted to lunch! Probably a bit too cold for him/her to be flying, so a sunny locale and some food was just what was needed!

  4. It's great that your community has a lovely garden that everybody can enjoy or take part in. The garden still looks beautiful but now we see your shadow. Maybe six more weeks til winter we hope. We like it cooler but not winter freezing cold. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  5. Your mom did a great job in the community garden ! Purrs

  6. Your mum is incredibly kind and nice and we liked our Mom reading to us about the bumblebee. Thank you!

  7. Looking forward to seeing all those pretty flowers once again next year.


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