Thursday, October 11, 2018

Garden Thursday

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. It was in the 80's yesterday, right now it is 41F. Mum shut the windows on the house to keep the warms inside.

Windy, leaves are falling from the trees like crazy. Mum says she needs to get the grass eater out and even off the grass and get the leaves chewed up.
We still have a few brave little flowers around, but they won't be here for long. It might get all frosty outside the next few mornings.

Plus a few more garden pics from mum's trip. More from Monet's water garden area.

Enjoy, stay warm.


  1. Leaves are beginning to change here, but our backyard maples don't go until later in the month. Then our yard is solid gold. The Monet gardens are magical; it must have been wonderful to visit there!

  2. Yep, just about that time of year for us too. A few brave flowers still around but the leaves are a-falling!

  3. That temperature sure dropped down pretty quickly. As least you are in the house staying warm. Lovely photos of your mom's trip. The leaves here are starting to change finally. Thanks for the share. Have a great one.
    World of Animals

  4. Stay warm Ducky and mum.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. The photos of Monet's Garden are lovely.
    We are having gales here and the torrential rain and strong wind has taken most of the flower heads off, and broken some of the rose stems. It is a pity because we still had a lot of flowers.

  6. We've had the frosts the last few mornings. We're pretty happy to be kitties who get to stay indoors where it is warm.

    Mom bean is nearly through reading your mom's France blog. The photos are spectacular!

  7. What a beautiful place ! Stay warm ! Purrs


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