Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday This and That

Wow, I almost let a true stranger touch me today! The heaty monster guy was here to make sure it is all ready for the winter. He said he amembered that mum had a cat from being here before.

He was almost done and I was sitting on mum's lap. He came over and put his hand out for me to give a sniff, which I did, but when he went to touch my head I jumped off mum's lap and went under the coffee table. Mum says that I must be getting better with strangers since I had Misses Jane and Kellie here to care for me.
 Mum also noticed I was spending lots of time looking outside. She came over to see what I was looking at and found we had a deaded fevver on the chair outside.
 She went out and moved the fevver into the bushes so it can rot in peace. Farewell.
Cool and rainy the past few days. Mum is still catching up on the after math of her travels, reading through the little books she bought. Plus working on the blog to show off the pictures and tell you all where she went. She wants to put the whole thing out at one time, but have a post or two for each day. Stay tuned.

Plus we are super happy cuz our baseyball team beat them cubbies down in ChiTown. So we get home field advantage for as long as we remain in the playoffs. Cross your paws guys, we may have a World Series here this year.


  1. Aww, poor birdy! Ducky, you sniffed a hand! Good for you!

  2. You were brave to sniff the man's hand. Congrats to your baseball team.

  3. I also think that it was very brave of you to allow the heaty monster man to get so close that you could sniff his hand. How about you aim to let him pat you this time next year?

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Wow Ducky, before you know it, you’ll be letting strangers pet you.

  5. Poor birdie. :-( How cool that you almost let that guy touch you, Ducky! Well, he approached you properly, so no wonder you were more patient with him.

  6. Dat's pretty brave to let a stranger almost pet ya!

  7. We think that was brave of you for letting him touch you. Maybe next time you won't have to be scared. At least you are ready for the winter. But we think in no time strangers are going to be giving you head scratches and you will love them. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  8. Ducky, you're far more friendly than we are ! Purrs

  9. Congratulations to your Brewers! You definitely outplayed our Cubbies. We will be rooting for your Brewers all the way!


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