Monday, October 22, 2018

ManCat Monday

Buy a dog a toy and it will play with it forever. Buy a cat a present and it will play with the wrapper for 10 minutes.

When mum was gone Miss Kellie bought me some new toys. I played with them for a bit, but always go back to my old tried and true fevver butt mousies. Mum found a couple of them under her sleepy spot! 
Me on my front window perch watching mum come home on Friday from her lunch with her furiend. On Sunday she got her act together and worked outside. Time to get the outside all cleaned up. She moved a lot of leaves out to the street. She needs to cut down stuff and haul it off to the compost places.

Hey gang, I hope you and your beans will join in on Sunday November 4 for the Blog Blast for Peace. Mum and Derby did it for years, then I joined and me and mum continue to do this every year. You can go fancy or not. We will post some blanks below. Plus if you want to see our past ones, just look on the upper right for our pages that show our old peace globes.
Sports Report

Bummed, our Brew Crew didn't win on Caturday night, so they won't be in the World Series. It was a good season for them, so thanks guys.
The Pack had the week off.

Here are some blank peace globes for you. Hope you join in on November 4.


  1. It has been a while since we participated in the Blog Blast for Peace!

  2. Oh Lordy, that opening statement is so true, isn't it? I'm still drawn to wrappers, crinkly paper, etc. Makes mom and dad laugh and laugh (makes them look crazy if you ask me).

  3. It was nice of Miss Kellie to buy you some new toys, even if you prefer the old good ones. Purrs

  4. Yes, Blog Blast for Peace!
    Da Boyz have as much fun with a lima bean on the floor, as they do with any fancy toy I've ever purchased for them! Just a pencil or pen makes them crazy!


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