Saturday, August 24, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Things have been interesting around here. Mum came home the other day smelling of other kitties and yesterday I saw her consorting with a woofie along the trail! The horrors!
 Mum went to meet these two cats, Dakota on top, Orca below. Seems she will be cat sitting for them next month while the humans are out of town. Just for a weekend and their mom is one of my care givers for when mum was gone last year. Orca is three and Dakota just six months. Mum says she will be getting better pics when she visits them next month.
Mum got a box in the mail yesterday from Auntie Trish of Katnip Lounge. It was filled will all sorts of yarns. Mum hopes to make some hats for bigger peoples from this.
Auntie Trish loves me even though she has never met in the fur, but she sent smoochies to me. I send them right back at ya Auntie T.
All sorts of colors to use, about enough to make one hat from each color. Mum will get started on this when she can, she needs to spend more time outside working in the yard.
Yes mum, I see the goodies, so put them down so I can come and sit in your lap. I know you are tired from all of the weed pulling and tree pruning with more to do. Just don't hang around with those woofies.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are supposed to have more really nice weather.


  1. Those are cute kitties and the yarn is such a cool gift too!

  2. That is a lovely gift of all those different colour yarns for your mum.

  3. Well, I guess if those beins help your mum look after you when she goes away, it's a lovely gesture for her to return the favour when they go away. But .... woofies? No no no Ducky - that is beyond the pale. Put your paw down and tell your mum that it's simply not on.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Sounds like your mum is going to be busy! Nice of you to let her take care of Dakota and Orca.

  5. I love those yarn colors! And I'mm glad Dakota and Orca have such an awesome, responsible pet sitter in your human!

  6. Hi Ducky! Oh my - just look at all those balls of FUN (oops I mean YARN). Very tempting. Hats will be gorgeous I'm sure. My Mom couldn't knit if she even wanted to as her hands are all wonky from arthritis! Have a happy Sunday.

    Hugs, Teddy

  7. Look at all those toys--we mean *yarn*! We like that your mum will be taking care of those two babies, but we think we'd disown ours if she came home smelling like d*g.

  8. All these different yarns are a really nice gift ! Purrs

  9. We bloggers like to give each other stuff! Ducky, I too am guilty of petting other cats this weekend, but what is a cat lady supposed to do?!?


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