Monday, August 5, 2019

ManCat Monday

Catnip is vodka and whisky to most cats. - Carl Van Vechten

Yeah, well, we all need to have a vice or two. I won't tell you what mum's vices are, well, one is chocolate!

We had a quiet weekend. Mum worked on making hats, she is almost done making as many hats as she challenged herself to do. So she is starting to think what her big winter project will be.

The pickles turned out fine. Mum had some last night with her dinner and put them and some of the onjuns on her burger.. 

Me, I had lots of naps. Have a good week everyone.


  1. My human's main "vice" is champagne! She prefers to think of it as a food group - champagne grapes ARE fruit, right?

  2. Hey - you're not being very fair to your mum, Ducky. You say that you won't disclose what her vices are, and then you immediately tell us one of 'em! Boy - you aren't going to be very popular in your house tonight.

    Sydney, Australia

    PS. By the way, chocolate is not a vice. It's an essential food group for most beins I think you'll find.

  3. I think chocolate is the vice of many of our mums. It is for mine!

  4. Right now, I'm jonesing for raw almond butter; it's so yummy!

  5. dood....we hope ya haza grate week two N may bee even get sum ...burger...hint...hint.....hold de onionz tho huh !!! may bee ree place it with sum baconz ~~~ ☺☺♥

  6. Happy Mancat Monday, Ducky. Chocolate is just so yummy. Glad you had a great weekend with mum. She made some delicious sounding food. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    World of Animals

  7. Quiet is good and our Dad thinks chocolate is gooder!

  8. Ours too, Ducky. Only she can't pack it away like she used to in the old days. We can't remember what we did over the weekend. We've slept since then!

  9. Sounds like a pretty good weekend, Ducky.

  10. Busy busy! Napping is what I like to keep myself busy with but I'll also be happy to eat treats too. Making hats is a fun thing to do - will you be modeling them Ducky?

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. One of OUR hobbies is watching TBT work outside. We aren't always sure WHAT he is doing, but we know that when when he come back inside and sits on the TV chair, there will be a lap. And THST is what we are waiting for.

    By the end of the evening, we have all had our turn.


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