Monday, August 19, 2019

ManCat Monday

Cats are a mysterious kind of folk -- there is more passing in their minds than we are aware of. - Sir Walter Scott

Yeah, we cats do think more than just treats, toys and foods. Some of what is going on these days is weird and we wish it wasn't.

Hat update. Mum is done making hats for this year. She set a goal for herself to make 214 hats and she actually did 215 since she had enuf yarn for one last hat. Why 214? Well she started making hats on March 1 and it is 214 days until the last day of the program on September 30. So she figured if she did a hat a day she could make it. Well, knowing mum some days she made more than one, so hit her goal early. You saw the stash of new stuff she bought, she will be happy to not be making everything with purple!
 Mum is giving herself a bit of a break from doing crow-shay, reading books, doing work outside, running around seeing people and such. Last week she had two picnics and a volunteer appreciation lunch. Plus meeting a furiend for lunch. She wasn't around much!
 Plus she has been shopping for a little table to sit between the two new chairs. This is to hold the remotes which she needs from both chairs, depending on which one she is sitting in. Plus the remote for the fan and her phone. She had to put it together, but it fits just like she hoped it would.
 So I promised on Caturday a few final pictures of hats. Mum pulled a fast one one me showing me one of the last hats she finished.
 Yes, she managed to slip it over my head and it is so big it covers my entire head. I don't like not being able to see where things are.
 I managed to shake it off really quick and she better not try to do this to me again. If she does she is likely to get a bitey put on her!
Happy week everyone.


  1. Oh Ducky - it hadn't occurred to me, but of course hats crow-shayed for a bein would be way too large for your head. Thank you for allowing your mum to put it on you long enough to take a photo. It did look a little odd!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. My human loves the color of the hat! I think your human should make a proper, cat-sized one for you... but you probably still wouldn't like it.

  3. OH NOES! It's all our fault, Ducky...we egged your momma on to put a hat on you! Put the bitey on me and the others! It's so fulfilling to find something that you've been searching for, and discovering that it's exactly what you wanted...Ahhhh!

  4. You are quite the hat model Ducky!!! Cool chairs too.

  5. Your mom is so talented and you are the purrfect meowdel.

    Emma and Buster

  6. It wouldn't have been so bad if the hat was full of treats when she put it on your head, Ducky!
    That is a neat little table and looks perfect between the chairs.

  7. Wow, your mum sure has been busy! You were a good sport to try on the hat.

  8. That little table is just perfect, Ducky. It was nice of your mum to make sure there'd be room on it for you, too! MOL on your hat modeling!

  9. 1. Ooh that evil cap!
    2. We love that little table!
    3. Loved the quote, but we would add "and probably want to know"!

  10. Congarats to your Mom for making all the hats! My Human has a pink hat your mom made on that very sad occasion back in 2016 ::shudder:: She hopes it is never necessary to make any more of THOSE! Love the table, but she should not have put that purple hat on you in such an undignified manner!

  11. Oh no, Ducky! Glad you were able to shake that evil hat right off! And that's the purrfect little table to hold the remotes...and a bag of treats for you, right?

  12. Ducky, you're such a patient model ! Purrs

  13. Your mom sure made a lot of hats in a fast time. That new little table is just perfect for between the chairs. Thanks for sharing the photo with Ducky with the hat on. Just too funny. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    World of Animals


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