Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 Mostly books of various series or authors I like to read. So no real comments here about them. I just read through them and keep going. 

The Mike Nichol's bio was interesting, didn't know about all of his early years.

Well, I don't spend money on books. I prefer to read and return to my library, saves me thousands of dollars every year. I don't walk around reading, I don't need to crash into things and hurt myself!

I checked my last book receipt and so far this year I have checked out $1785 worth of books. All that money saved versus buying. Ducky says I need to buy him more treats! 

There was also a line to check out, so I browsed the Lucky Day and New Book shelves and found a few more books to add to my list, while I waited to see the line go down. Finally one person ahead, but she seemed to be having issues so I still had to wait. Then I bumped into one of the librarians I know. She was getting ready for the book sale later this week. She no longer needs volunteers as it is a self serve sale. Suggested prices are posted, you put your donation in a secure box, no change given. They actually make more money this way!

Finally got nice enough to get some outside yard work done. Front and side yards done, still have to do the back. Was going to do that today but it is likely to be raining. That is OK, there isn't much to do and the area is smaller than what I already got done. Maybe tomorrow!


  1. Since dad's been a bit laid up he's been plowing through books, and just finished Alma Katsu's "The Hunger", a semi-ficticious account of the Donner party tragedy. As I've said before, dad could spend hours and hours at any one of Asheville's 5 library branches.

  2. It's true: the library is the best way to get books without spending $$$!
    Plus, you get to mingle with other folks, chat up the librarians, and often find new books to read by browsing the stacks.
    The hard part is getting books in order, for a series. And right now, a few of my authors have new books out, but I have to wait for them to drop into the library queue...and I have the patience of a gnat! Grrr....

  3. You always find lots of good things to read!

  4. Movies cf books: it seems to me that the book will always be better than the movie. For starters, only 'good' books will be chosen to be made into movies. And then the film director/screenwriter almost invariably have to cut stuff out of the book's plot in order to ensure that the movie is a reasonable length. And then ... the actors and sets don't match the pictures you've formed in your head of how they look as you read the book!

    Sydney, Australia


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