Monday, June 20, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

A home without a cat is only a house.

Me and mum have a nice HOME! Yep it is a nice house, roomy, lots of windows for light to come in and to let air inside too. 

Mum says we won't be letting the air outside inside this week. The hots are coming back and we don't want to make the air chiller work harder than it has to. 

Some guys came and painted the metal monster drive. It is now all super dark black again. Mum says it helps make it last longer and the darker it is the faster it helps melt the snow in the winter! They did this on a really hot day last week and mum was surprized to see one guy in long sleeves with his hoodie up!

Me hanging out on mum's lap while she was watching a basey-ball game. That is about all that is on the moving picture box these days worth watching. Mum doesn't have all those fancy things to stream stuff. She says she would rather read a book or ten!

You all have a really good week. Stay cool.


  1. The drive looks very smart all painted. Maybe the man in the hoodie burns easily and was protecting his skin.

  2. We had some really hot days here too but it has thankfully now broken. We hope you get cooler weather soon too!

    The Chans (Tama, Benny and Momo)

  3. Ducky, I'm with your mom...there are so many books to read!
    And a handful of my favorite authors have new books coming out this's a cornucopia of new books for me.

  4. It's way too hot to be working out side Ducky, we're lucky to have AC aren't we?

  5. The hots are coming back here too, Ducky. Stay cool!


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