Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Summer time and the reading is easy.  Several hot and humid days means not outside work for me. Yesterday we reach 100 F, first time in 10 years we reached triple digits. Today is supposed to be not as hot or humid.

Next two pics are books from mid February. Good mix of fiction authors that I have been reading and non-fiction on topics I like. 

The Deborah Crombie book is the last one currently available. New one to be published later this year. I have read the entire Duncan Kincaid / Gemma Jones books. I like the characters, they work for London Metropolitan Police or Scotland Yard in the early books. 

The Light of Days is about women working in the resistance in eastern Europe in World War II. 

I sort of did the above years ago after my Dad died. I needed time to unwind, decompress. I went to a local resort place, took lots of books and wine with me. I did spa treatments too. Room service etc. It was only three days but it was wonderful. Maybe I should look into doing this again. Need to check out a few places in addition to the place I went before. 

Happy reading. 


  1. It does the soul good to get away and relax now and again.

  2. Have been searching for a masseuse that uses only natural products (vegan, non-GMO, not tested on animals, no byproducts). Had one once, and I miss her so.

  3. #1 is a fan of Deborah Crombie too, but she is several books behind!

    The Chans


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