Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

I see I got a DVD with this batch, Bomshell, based on the true story of Gretchen Carlson at Fox news and her sexual harassment issues with Roger Ailes.


 Mrs Pargeter's Public Relations the final book of this series. Cute short books and the author started writing the first books back in 1986 with eight books in the seires.

Under Pressure, latest in the series with a FBI K-9 unit. Not as violent as the previous series that had a K-9 unit involved. These might be best read in the order published as the books do refer back to things in previous books. Plus some relationships between the characters are progressive.

A Rogue's Company, third in the series of two women who are running a marriage bureau in London, post World War II and solving crimes.

The Reading List, didn't get into this one and didn't finish it. 

I got lots of reading done this past week. Too hot and humid to be or work outside. Now things are improving, so time to get outside again and do stuff. 

Our summer library reading program ends this week. I always start logging my books and time a few days before the actual program starts. So that by the actual end date I am up to date with my time entered. How much did I do? 32 books, 145 hours, 8700 minutes. Will be interesting to see how much the whole program has in minutes. They were aiming for One Million. 

Our primary election was Tuesday, maybe we can get a few weeks of no election ads. Probably wishful thinking. 

Happy reading.


  1. Hahahaha!
    I said the same thing to The Hubby yesterday, as our primary was last week.
    "Why are these political ads? Thought we'd be clear for a little while"
    The Hubby's response: Hahahaha!

  2. #1 says she is envious of the time you get to read! And we hope the election results were satisfactory?

    The Chans


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