Monday, May 8, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

A cat is a tiger that is fed by hand. -  Vakaoka Genrin 

Mum has used up all of one of her files with cat quotes. So on to the next file. This file has 25 pages of stuff, so I don't think we will run out. 

King Chuckie the Three got crowned on Caturday. Mum recorded it and watched it at a sensible hour.

Caturday was Derby Day too, for the horsies to run. Plus yesterday would have been Derby's 18th gotcha day. We miss the big guy.  

We didn't get any white stuff falling from the sky last week and then later in the week it actually got nice enuf to have open windows. Yipee. Although as it gets warmer mum doesn't do much crow-shay but she needs to finish this last blankie. You can see I am trying to help by sitting on her!

Plus we did lots of fevver watching this past week. Still waiting for the hummers, but our orinch orioles and rose breasted grosbeaks showed up. Mum got new pics.

With all the moving picture box watching and fevver watching I need a nice long nap!

Have a good week everyone.


  1. Lovely pics! We hope the weather will stay nice now!

    The Chans

  2. Happy Gotcha anniversary in Heaven to Derby. The orange bird is very pretty.

  3. Hugs and purrs on Angel Derby's Gotcha Day.

  4. You have some pretty good Bird TV, Ducky!


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