Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

A short stack of books, two of which were books shipped from other libraries that I had to wait on. The last a book on the lucky day shelf.

The No-Show is a book of three women who are stood up by the same guy on Valentine's Day. A romance book and not one I wanted to read and didn't finish.

Sea of Tranquility is the latest by this author and it includes time travel, pandemic and a story that arcs over multiple centuries.

Courtiers is a book about the people who are the staff of the British Royal family. Who they are, what they do and don't do. Years ago these people stayed for years, now it seems that the jobs are revolving doors. Hire someone to do specific PR work or something like that. Then when done they are gone, or if you get pissed at them you fire them. Lots of clashing personalities.

 Happy Reading.


  1. One of my favorite authors released a new book yesterday; I've been listening to the audiobook at every chance I get...a good mystery!
    "There is no bookaholics anonymous because nobody wants to quit"

  2. My dad says mom would love to read Courtiers, but he wouldn't because it probably doesn't have any blood, guts, zombies, killers or violence in it.


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