Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 A slightly larger stack.This one has a few authors who are new to me. So checking them out.

Flipped for Murder is the first book of a series. Single woman comes to an area, sets up her business and is then accused of murder. Of course, then helping to bring the true culprit to justice. I have read so many books like this that I don't intend to read the rest of the series.

Fatal Facinator is the latest installment in the Hat Shop Mysteries. Invited to a wedding in a castle with a ghost, our hat makers need to figure out why a member of the wedding party dies.

Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-Kings Daughter a newer series from Simon Brett, the two main characters are brother and sister with strange nicknames! They are the son and daughter of a duke and someone has the audacity to kill a person invited to a dinner party given by their mother. Set in the 1920s, I found the story to be cute, but the way it was written was hard to read. No going to read the later books in the series.

In A Dark, Dark Wood new author to me and this was her first book. A psychological thriller, page turner. Set in the UK a small group goes to a remote cottage for a hen party (bachelorette). One of the invitees hasn't seen the bride in ten years and wonders why she was invited. Within 48 hours people are dead. Why and who done it?

The Haunting of Maddy Clare set shortly after World War One, Sarah joins two veterans who are out to investigate a ghost or haunting. It seems the ghost likes Sarah and is willing to communicate through her since the ghost hates men. Will they figure out why Maddy Clare is haunting the area and why she hates men?

A Study in Murder is the first book of the Victorian Book Club Mysteries series. Our heroine writes murder mysteries under a pen name. When her fiancé is killed, oh, make that ex-fiancé, she is the main suspect. So she has to use her sleuthing skills to find a real murderer.

Ghost At Work I didn't get into this one. Author is one of the long winded description type who I can't abide. Premise is that the person solving the crime is a ghost. Didn't even get through the first chapter!

The Plantagenets is a book on the early kings and queens of England from 1120 to 1399. Including people like Richard the Lionheart, Eleanor of Aquitaine, King John of Magna Carta fame. Also how much of the territory they ruled in these early years was actually in what is now modern western France due to holdings of Aquitaine, Normandy and other places. Lots of wars, infighting, intrigue, mayhem and murder. Also how much time they didn't spend in England too. The age of crusades, chivalry, Thomas Becket, the Black Death Author is a historian of the Middle Ages and has additional books that continue the saga of the English rulers.

Well actually I do have a few fancy bookmarks, but I rarely use them. One was a gift, the other I bought cuz it had a kitty on it that reminded me of Ducky.

 Happy Reading.


  1. I've read both Ruth Ware's book and Simone St. James's books; liked 'em both!
    Have done a fair amount of research on The Plantagenets, due to Katherine Swynford, who was the 3rd wife of John of Gaunt, son of Edward III. Katherine's bro-in-law was Geoffrey Chaucer.

  2. I also prefer bits of scrap paper to fancy bookmarks - but I really don't know why. I think perhaps I'm concerned about losing the fancy ones.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Most of my bookmarks are pictures I liked on the internet and printed out, others, particulary where I have a "set" of books are photos I took and printed of the front cover of each book and when I lend that book out I keep the bookmark to remind them of which book they have when they can't remember.


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