Sunday, July 2, 2006

Derby, You've Got (A Box in the) Mail

Hi all. I didn't expect to be posting today. I had to wait furrever for mum to get home from seeing something about a Code. I gotted a wonderful surprise late yesterday and I wanted to share.

Mum and Grampie worked furry hard yesterday morning trimming trees outside and hauling some of the stuff away. After lunch mum had to help Grampie with a project in the dungeon. They were making a mess, drilling and sawing.

When Grampie lefted mum tooked a shower and sat down to wait for her furriend to come over. They were going to go out to eat. When her furriend got here, she said there was a little box outside addressed to ME.

I wasn't expecting anything as our Secret Paws exchange we don't have our partners yet. So mum readed the box and it was from my very special Princess Mia Bella in Texas. I sniffed the box, I could make out Mango and now a new kittie scent that must be of the dear Princess. I was so excited and mum helped me get the box open.
On top was a furry nice card address to me. Look at what PMB calls me. "Derby SweetHeart Cat"

Then there was some furry purrty paper with a girl and her kittie. I bet PMB and her bean mom probably posed for this. I started to play with the paper and mum's furiend played with me. But inside was a cute little bear holding the yellow roses of Texas.
Wow, mum has lots of bears, so now I have a collection too. One from Vermont and this furry special one from Texas and my Sweetie Princess Mia Bella. ::sigh:: Purrs to you and many thanks.


  1. Derby & Mia! WhoHoo! She is such a dear little cat isn't she?!?

  2. That's such a nice present! Enjoy the wrapping paper.

  3. Awww Derby! You gotted it OK. I'm so glad you like it. I wanted to get you something special, cos you're my sweetiepie.


  4. Awww that's so sweet :) You and Mia are such a cute couple. :)

    ~~ Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

  5. Oh! Grammie has one of those Vermont bears too! I likes to tip her over all the time (hee-hee)

  6. A bear? Are you going to chase it up a tree like Jack did?

  7. Looks like you have a new friend now Derby!



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