Monday, July 10, 2006

Summertime Secret Paws

A reminder that any of our blogging buddies want to participate, you need to sign up by this Friday, July 14 at 1 PM. I know lots of you have already signed up.

All the details at Secret Paws.

Now about my weekend. It was furry nice. Mum and I had lots of time to just be 'alaxed and have fun. Plus mum wented to a thingy yesterday for people who have been married to each other for 50 years! Mum says that is rare these days. One friend joked that even if she added up all of her married years to all her husbands it wouldn't be 50 years. But I was bummed as she gotted home late yesterday. She hadded to park the car under the freeway until all of the nasty storm passed with hail. She didn't want the metal monster to get dented. It didn't storm by where we live or even rain.

Also, Blackie is having way to much fun with Zeus. Seems he is at risk of becoming a peeping TomCat. Or maybe Zeus is teaching him bad habits. HEHEHE.

My poor buddy Fat Eric is having issues with it being hotter than normal in the UK where he lives. So his nice fluffy coat is way to warm. Thankfully it gets hot here for a few days, then like today it is only in the 60's. But mum says it will be furry hot again in a few days.


  1. Aren't weekends with Mom the best? ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  2. We had that stormy, too, but no hail. We heard it comin like Bonnie growlin, then it rained hard, an then it was gone. I'm furry glad yur Mom was safe unner sumfing. 50 years... that's a LOT of naps! Like, maybe a squillion squillion!

  3. You had an interestin' weekend Derbs!

    Ooh those storms are scary fings! good fing it didn't storm while you was alone.


  4. Relaxing with the Mom is a Good Thing. Too bad there isn't enough room in the closet for her to join me in there.

  5. Sounds like that was a really nasty storm. Glad you're all ok. Instead of being jealous of Zeus and Blackie, maybe you can teach Vir-ginger some things through the window?

  6. Momma sez that she and the family could see the sky flashin' and hear the thunder from that storm! They were in Lake Geneva...well , not IN the lake...on the porch relaxin'. It wuz way hu-mid she sed.

  7. Goodness...that hail sounds horrible. It's a good thing your mom found a safe place to park until it blew over. That frightens me somewhat since if that were to happen here, I'd have to clean out my garage before I could get the car in!

    -Marina, Zeus and Isis' mom

  8. Today it has got hotter again, back up in the 80s, boo. I wanted it to go colder but my mum wants it to stay warm until the weekend because she is going to the seaside with 200 children on Friday - that's the whole school on five buses! The hail sounds scary.

  9. Momma and Daddy have been married for almost 41 years. That is like forever, and then some!!

    Patches Lady

  10. Weekends are super. We feel for poor Eric with all his plushy fur. 50 years is like a squillion squillion sleeps. I'm not sure even I can nap that much!
    ~~ Boni


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