Sunday, July 16, 2006


Hope every cat is keeping cool. Thankfully we have AC and fans, so things are just fine for me. Don't need to worry about taking off the fur coat. But even mum says it is too hot to do much, so she has given me lots of 'puter time. Even Vir-ginger came inside to cool off and nap.
Kukka-Maria had a very successful blogoversary. She received lots of gifts truly fit for an Empress.

I have been remiss in sending a thank you too Zeus, Isis and mom. They sent a very nice book, it will make a nice bedtime story book.
I have my assignment for Secret Paws, so I have started to think of good things to send. Plus I wonder who got me and what I might get from them. A big THANK YOU to DivaKittyMom for doing all of the matching.

Also, if you have not heard about it,
Timothy Dickens has set up a chat room for all of us blogging cats and other creatures. It is furry cool. Anycat can open it up, so we don't need TD around to use it. I have had several chats with TD and his cousin, the woofie Riley, Fiona Bun and Fat Eric.

It was wild as both Eric and I logged in at the same time, so we both popped in and started chatting. Since he is 6 hours ahead of me it was 10 PM his time and 4 PM my time. So since we have blogging cats all over the world, you could find a cat on the chat line at any given point. So if you can't sleep, check in and see what is happening. Check the post of Sunday July 9 on
Timothy Dicken's blog for details.

Since it was hot outside, mum stayed inside too. So I had her update my links. We have lots of new blogging kitties so our community continues to grow. With our links to kittie blogs, the various group sites, mum figures we know have about 120 links. WOW. Plus we have other blogs we are still checking out to see if they are good kittie blogs to add. Some blogs that supposedly are by kitties sure don't say much about their kittie lives. So they aren't fun to read.

I also had another chat with Fat Eric and VictorTabbycat, including a virtual pirate fight. We sunk the ship!

The newsy paper today had a story on what to do to keep kittie cool during the hot days. One suggestion was to shave our fur off. Also if you are an outside kittie to use sunscreen. Here is the linky to the story. Evefurry one stay cool.


  1. if anybody comes close to me with a razor i'm puttin' the bite on 'em

  2. a pirate fight- how cool. we read about that on Fat Erics site too. We has not gotten our secret paws name yet. :-(

  3. Derby, I'm sorry I dropped out of the chat room. Our DSL modem is flakey an suddenly disconnected me. Then, fur the first time, it didn't reconnect when Mom turned the power off an on, not efun a couple times! :-( So she left it off until now an it werks again.

    It sure was fun chatting wif you an Fat Eric! I guess after we sank the ship, the pirates sank my modem. Keep cool!

  4. OK. I think I'll take freezing to death by A/C over being shaved. Why would anybody do that to their kitties? Oh wait...the Mom has to shave Bailey every once and a while but that's 'cause she's too fat and poofy.

  5. That's a scary newspaper story. We know the heat is real dangerous and everything and it's good they get people's attention, but reading it makes us scared to go outside at all. Not that we're allowed to. And they can't be serious about the shaving part????

  6. My brother is self-balding. He likes to bite off bits of his fur. I think that's cuckoo and I don't think he's a bit cooler for it. I know I'm not cooler when my sister bites off my fur.

    Hasn't the weather been just icky?

  7. Pirate fights sound like great fun! ARGHHHHH, me matey!

    I'm glad you like the book, and I hope you enjoy reading it with your human lady pet! :)

  8. We don't have the cold air blowy thing so many of you do, but Momma closes the blinds and the house stays pretty cool, then she opens everything up because here in the Piney Woods it gets down to 50 at night. Mistrie sleeps under the hemlocks, where it is always pretty cool even though it has been in the 80's and 90's.

    Patches Lady


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