Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Royal Mail

No, nothing from Empress Kukka-Maria, Princess Mia Bella or Musette, Empress of the Universe, but from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II postal service. So something from the United Kingdom, specifically from by fellow Gorgeous Ginger, Fat Eric.

Fat Eric had alerted me to watch the post for a little package and we have been checking the box outside every day and it finally arrived.
So I checked out the package and could smell Mandy and a new kittie scent, which must be Eric. Mum helped me open the package and pulled out a cute little bear, dressed in a furry funny suit. Mum readed the card and they had sent me a Beefeater. Well mum says officially they are called Yeoman Warders. They are special people who guard Her Majesty's fancy jewels at The Tower of London.

But what is fun is that mum has a slightly bigger version of a teddy Yeoman Warder as well. She bought hers at the Tower of London itself last time she was there. Her bear is a small version of a really huge bear dressed up as a Yeoman Warder. See below for picture.
So a big THANK YOU to Fat Eric and his mum for this. Now I have a small collection of bears myself. Not nearly as many as mum, but special none the less.
From left to right, Tex, Eric and Ethan.


  1. All the way from across the big blue water! Nice bear, even if he is dressed a little different than any we see here.

  2. How neat that you and your mum have matching bears!

  3. cool bears! we has somefing called BeefEater Gin in the "adult" cabinet that mommy goes into when there are people over. I don't fink that is a teddy bear beefeater though.

  4. Aw how citing! That was so nice of Fat Eric........

    Patches Lady

  5. Derby, you look good with the bear.

  6. Your bears are so furry cute! I know you put the stinky rub on the new beefeater bear. All the bears look happy together.

  7. Very nice picture of you posing with your new Brit bear, Derby. Make him feel at home!

  8. Derby, you lucky cat to get such lovely gifts from the old country.

  9. Oh my lion and tigers and BEARS! OH MY!

    How lucky you are Derby!
    That's a mighty nice collection you have started there.



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