Monday, July 31, 2006

Monterrey, MX

A few final pictures from mum's trip. Yes it was a business trip, furry little time to play. Lots of work to get done in a few days, no time for siestas. Mum asked about that tradition, most businesses don't do it anymore. She says you might get time off during the day, but you end up working late into the evening. She doesn't like hats, so no somberos either.

Sunset from her hotel room
The mountains reflected in the windows of the hotel.
The main part of the hotel.Mum's room was in this section of the hotel. The third vertical set of windows from the left just over the palm tree.
The pool, mum says she never saw anyone use either the outdoor or even the indoor pools.
The view from the room at the office where she was training. The group she worked with was part of a factory.
Butterflys on a shrub outside the office. Both white and yellow little guys.


  1. Lots of pretty views. I like the butterflys, they are so very pretty.

  2. lots of purrty pikshurs! looks like a nice place - maybe your mum can take you there for bay-k-shun

  3. Very cool pictures. I still don't know why you couldn't have gone with her though.

  4. Wow -- so purrty. The only thing missing was you weren't there wif your Momma, Derby.

    Glad she is home safe and sound to give you lots of snugglin and kissin!


  5. nice place - how was the food?

  6. No one in the pool??? Geez. Our mom would have been in it. She loves pools. We still don't haf one but maybe some day. Although I still don't think we'll be able to go in it.


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