Friday, July 21, 2006

Party Plans

According to the Purrthday list that Ms. Mia has put together the following kitties have either their purrthday or gotcha day in October. I would like to host a weekend celebration for all of us and our blogging buddies.

10/96 - Punkin's Purrthday
10/8/1997 - Patches
10/8/1995 - Mittens
10/8 - Mistrie
10/15/2004 - Tyler and Jagger's Purrthday
10/20/03 - Derby's Purrthday
10/26 - Fat Eric
10/29/2005 - Victor Tabbycat's Gotcha Day

Tentative Activities

Friday Oct 20 -
Kick off, kitties can start arriving afternoon my time. Meet and greet with buffet supper. Tours of the house including the dungeon.

Saturday Oct 21 -
Morning-Pre-season tub hockey games, cheer practice clinic
Afternoon - games outside, jumping, running etc. Mum says we can use the neighbors trampoline too. Or just hanging out with our furiends.
Evening - a banquet to honor all of the October kitties with purrthdays or gotcha days.

Sunday Oct 22 - buffet breakfast, kitties can teleport home as needed. Otherwise, just a general time to visit.

All kitties are welcome to stay the entire weekend or just drop in for part of the event. I know that not everyone will be able to come for the entire weekend.

I haven't put specific times yet on the activities. That will come later. But if the international kitties want to work out the time. Try this link mum uses this all the time at work to figure out what time it is around the world. Where we live in the Central Time Zone in the United States.

Mum says that we are considered to be -6 hours of GMT, whatever that is, but that some kitties might recognized this. An example is if it is 6 PM here, it would be 7 AM in Singapore where Bombay lives.

Also, if there are kitties who are not yet listed on the purrthday list, follow the link and get added to the list. If there are other October kitties, you will be welcomed as an honoree of the event.

July 22 - P.S. All kitties will be welcomed to attend the party. Seems that there is some confusion that only October kitties could come. NOT TRUE. The October kitties will be the guest of honor if your Gotcha Day or Purrthday is in October. But all kitties are welcomes to attend.


  1. ooooooh! we've neffur been to a party! can we come, can we? we'll bring ham!

  2. Yes, all our blogging gang will be welcome at the party.

    Actually, you can join a party right now. Come to Brit Cats. Link is on my blog.

  3. Hi Derby. How nice that you are going to have a party, that's neat. Mom thinks I was born around this month cause when she found me outside her door it was the first of September. Who knows I might have a purrfday this month. BTW Derby you are a handsome kitty. Thanks for stopping by to see me.


  4. Oh, oh, Derby!! Don't forget to add your penthouse apartment to your tour. Also, my sisters want to know if Vir-ginger be acting as hostess?

    None of us were born in October. I was born in July but I was adopted from the shelter in October. Does that count? All 4 of us would love to come to your party.

    The Crew

  5. Punkin says to count him in (he forgot his password or he would tell you hisself). We'll all be there.

  6. Oh, Derby, this sounds like a wonderful idea! Of course, the three of us will be there as we all have our gotcha days in Oct. When I told Mistrie and Mittens they started running around like their butts were on fire.

    Patches Lady

  7. Derby, it sounds like a great party! We will be there - we will bring one of the speshul 16 pound hams too!

  8. Derby you are such a nice cat. Everycat loves parties. Will you serve catnip cake?

  9. I'll be there Derby! Especially if there's a banquet! I have interesting news on my blog today - Big Eric and Flynn have got a new blog, please visit and say hi to them!

  10. Derby, this party sounds like a great idea. We'll put it on our beans' calendar.

  11. We'll be there too. Beau Beau's gotcha day is Oct. 15. We emailed Ms. Mia to add us to her list.
    That is so nice of you to host the party Derby.

  12. Hi Derby Thanks for looking in on our new blog. Our burrfdays are in April not October, but we would love to drop in if we can make it.

  13. Derby

    Wow a whole weekend party! R-eow!
    If my Momma doesn't fall asleep again like she did for Pandora's party, we will be there with bells on and hey Rascal we have a good recipe for NIPcheesecake! I can make it!



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