Saturday, July 29, 2006

South of the border

Since we are in a cycle of song, I can sing about where mum went.

South of the border - down Mexico way
That's where mummy went to work all the day
And now as I wander in the house each day- my thoughts ever stray
South of the border - down Mexico way

She was a working - in old Monterrey
It was no fiesta- furry hot every day
no siestas and little time to play
South of the border - down Mexico way
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!

So here are some pictures she took.

Saddleback Mountain
Mum's hotel room.
This is one gignormous bed. This would sleep squillians of kitties.
The view from mum's hotel room. Hehe, you can see mum in the reflection of the window.

More pictures later.

So that is where mum wented this past week. She did say she bye before she lefted, but I haven't ever had her be gone that long, and leave me at home. Last time she wented somewhere she took me to the kittie spa. She wanted to see how I would do staying by myself with Miss Lynn coming in to take care of me once a day.

Miss Lynn did a furry good job. I gotted my food, water and box taken care of. Plus she would stay and play. But she couldn't stay all the time, so I talked a lot to her, told her I missed mum. She kept saying mum would be home soon.

But mum had problems getting home. She gotted from Mexico to Chicago OK, but then the air thingy got delayed, then cancelled to Milwaukee. Thankfully it is close enough, they air people gave them a ticket to get a bus ride back to the Milwaukee airport. So she got home, but much later than she expected.

And she was furry good to me once she gotted home. I got loads and loads of scritches, treats and just general lovin'. Even this morning, we spent lots of time together. I jumped on the bed and gots my hugs, pets and scritches.

So things are getting back to normal.


  1. Oh, wow, Derby, a Mexican song! Did your momma take many siesta while she was South of the Border? Did she have a margarita? Did she buy a sombrero? More important, did she buy you something?. Nice hotel room. Love the pichers!


  2. Your beanmom was close by! I like the pictures, can't wait to see more. It's good to have your beanmom back. Make sure you get the appropriate number of daily scritches!

  3. Hey, Derby! Glad yur Mom's back. Haf you had a chance to sniff her bags real good? I bet they smell vedy interestink. Maybe she brought you un raton to play wif!
    The cat before Bonnie would get so lonely when Mom an Dad were gone, she'd go hoarse when they returned, talkin so much! The Pet Sitter said Scruffy wanted more attention than she "had time for." Nefer hired her agin!

  4. you know what, we kitties should get a hotel room like that for a party!

    glad fings are back to normal for you!

  5. Princess Mia is right: Your human pet was so close to both of us! We could have kept an eye on her for you had we known! I hope she had a good time and got to have many relaxing siestas! :)

  6. Wow! A saddle on a mountain. We thought only horsies wear saddles.

  7. Derby, are you sur bout "llamas"? I nefur herd of such a funny name. But I fink yur right bout the ofurs. What bout the big birdy? Mom called it ozstretch or maybe mew.

    Mom asked, has yur mom efur been to Little A-Merrick-A?


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