Monday, December 4, 2006

Catmas Carols

Mum gotted a book called Catmas Carols by Laurie Loughlin. In has songs for us kitties to sing during the Christmas season. I will be sharing a few with you over the next few weeks. Practice up, maybe we can go carolling!

Awake in a Cat Bed
(to the tune of Away in a Manger)

Awake in a cat bed
She can't go to sleep.
She's thinking of cat toys
That she'd like to keep.
She's seen them in catalogs
And on TV.
And she's left her Christmas list
Pinned to the tree.

A catnip filled heart and
A long piece of string.
A large kittie condo
With everything.
Cat videotapes and
A brush for her fur.
She's hoping that Santa
Will bring these for her.


  1. Oh we loves to sing! That's a nice song.

  2. Mom sang it to me! Derby you are always full of neat information!

  3. Wow, I love fun stuff like this. My mom said she gets so sick of non-stop Christmas tunes that she's always made up different songs to the tunes. I might be up for Caroling. Mom said if I gave her permission she might even put one or two on my blog for kitties to sing.

  4. That was fun to sing! Mom had to help me with the tune, though.

  5. Oh, lets go caroling, Derby. Lets do it! What fun!!


  6. Mom has that book. She says she got it at the thrift store for 40 cents. She was gonna post carols, but you beat her to it! There's lots of good ones in there!

  7. We cant wayt fur owr favurite song...jingle bells in the kitty vershun!! What a grate gift.

  8. That looks like a very fun book. I enjoyed the carol.

  9. Derby, you definitely are a sassy cat. I didn't even realise we cats could sing. I am going to give it a try. Should surprise the humans. He he he Faz

  10. This sounds alot like my list.Yet mom says I was being greedy.

  11. oh that was a great song!! Yes, let's go caroling - we can leave carols on all the blogs!!

  12. What a nice song. Maybe you can teach all the blogging kitties a nice one and we can all sing together while we wait for Santa to come.

  13. that's a lovely song. we hope that long piece of string has fev-vers tied ta the end.

  14. Oh Miles and Sammy what a great idea!

    You have such a lovely voice, Derby!

  15. Well that sums it up!

    WAcKy WedNeSDay is back!


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