Sunday, December 17, 2006

It Came Upon A Midnight Cat

Another of our holiday songs, you can sing this one to the tune 'It Came Upon a Midnight Clear'. Enjoy.

It came upon a midnight cat

Whose fur was black and bold.
As he sat under the carport in
December though it was cold.
That he was the lord of his backyard.
The neighborhood cats agree,
For, when he hisses, they turn and leave
His yard immediately.

From Catmas Carols by Lourie Loughlin.


  1. Oh, oh, now I's gots to listen to Momma singing again. Too bad they just can't purr.


  2. I *like that song!

  3. A good catmas carol, Derby! Reminds me of my neighbourhood Evil Black Intruder Kitties somehow.

    I liked the photos of you demolishing your Christmas tree. I have got some pictures of my tree up now. But I don't climb on it because I am too laidback. I just lie and admire it. Although if I decided to knock it over, I bet with my weight I could send it flying!

  4. oooh - a carol about Midnight cats. furry good!

  5. Neat song, great for Midnight Monday singing. I bet Pepi will be singing all day. Your tree is neat. It looks kind of cool sideways too.

  6. A purrfect Midnight Monday song!

  7. Ha, ha. Nice song.

  8. Nise carol,we like it.We like yer tree too. If yoo cud get yer mum to leave it laying down, yoo cud scritch all the way along it.

  9. That is a grate Christmas song. You are furry creative! I've got your song stuck in my head now...


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