Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh, Hold Me Right

Oh, hold me right,
Your grasp has got me keeling.
It's whine and squirm time
When you pick me up.

Long have I tried
To let you know my feelings,
That when you lift me,
My life you disrupt.

I'd rather trot
And go about my business
The grip you've got's
Not popular with me.

Put me down, please
I need to see the turkey

Oh, sight divine,
Even though I'm now airborne
Oh, sight divine!
Let me go!
This bird is mine.

From Catmas Carols by Lourie Loughlin.

Mum putted more things on the tree last night. Some kittie decorations, a little bear (Millie has one like this), even vishus deers. Lots of other things too, woofies, elyphants, ducks, bears, snowmen, bells, skates and such. The soft, fabric ones were made by mum's mum.


  1. Hi Derby,

    It's me, Pearl. Merry Christmas.

    My human woman won't let me near the tree and she made me get off some nice wrapping paper that I was sitting on.


  2. Wow, you sure gots some nice decorations on your tree!

  3. Those decorations are adorable. But watch out!!! You gots vishus deer hanging on yur tree!

  4. We like yer kitty dekkarayshuns, but yoo better watch out furr those vishus deer.

  5. Those vishus deer might come to life after the fambly goes to bed and wreck your house, so be on guard!

  6. That Catmas Carol suits Catzee to a "T" Purry Christmas!

  7. Oh you have lovely ornaments! Momma laughed at the song. She said it's furry much Cheysuli!

  8. That's a very pretty running reindeer. I like seeing the ornaments on other cat's trees.

  9. That's a funny song!! Merry Chrissmas Derby and DerbysMom!!! (and also to your Grampie!!)

  10. Pretty ornaments! Just dropped by to say have a furry Merry Christmas, Derby and humans!


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