Friday, June 1, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Fu Dogs, being made of stone, are excellent protection for the cat. Real dogs are not. Avoid them.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

These are the two woofies who live next door to the east of our house. They are very big and make noise when mum comes outside. Mum says they are saying hello.
This is Lacy, she is about 6 years old and F-A-T. She is just a pet and doesn't help when the man goes hunting. Matter of fact she is gun shy and doesn't like fireworks or thunderboomer storms either. I don't mind thunderboomers or fireworks. Scardy dog.
This is Lambo, she is the older woofie of the house. She has been a good hunt dog but is getting old and doesn't walk very well any more. They are talking that she will need a ramp to get down into the yard from the deck as she can't do stairs very well.

For Flower Friday mum says you know it is summer when the Pee-O-Knees bloom. And ours have started to bloom. All of these plants were here when mum bought the house. Mostly pink and white flowers.
This one hasn't even started to open its flowers yet. But you can see all of the flower buds waiting to open up. Mum thinned these out a few years ago and move a few to the front. Even the moved ones are getting ready to bloom this summer.

The church that Grampie was a pastor for was Lutheran, specifically the Missouri kind.


  1. Those peonies are quite beautiful. Mommy likes to go visit the flower gardens around here. First it's daffodils, then tulips, then the iris, then the peonies and finally the dahlias. There are nice gardens for each of them all within about an hour's drive. She never takes me, but she does bring me catalogues and pictures.

  2. Those do look like sweet woofies!

    And such pretty flowers!

    When Mom was looking for a name for brother, she learned that Derby is Irish and means "free from envy". Very Fang Shui!


  3. Why would a flower want to pee on our knees?

  4. I don't trust woofies....they're big and move really fast. Just keep an eye out...


  5. The Pee-O-Knees are very pretty! Those dogs look nice, but I am scairt of them anyway.

  6. Furry pretty pee-o-neez. Mom loves doze and lilacs and roses. All da smelly ones. At our old howse we hadded lilly of da valley all around da howse and when she opened da windows in da spring it smelled like heaven. She's just getting around to re-doing flowers and landscaping here and wants all of dis stuff. Haf a grate weekend, enjoy da flowers.

  7. Those are amazingly lovely peonies, Derby!

    My human says her family was the missouri kind of lutheran too--until she went to PLU and sort of moved over into the ALC. She said she had a prof that she really liked who was considered a heretic by the missouri kind of lutherans..

  8. Momma has those peeing on knees fowlers, too. Hers is red. She told me they can live 100 years in the same place. They are a lovey purr-ennial she says.


  9. Lacy and Lambo look like nice woofies.
    The flowers are very pretty. We don't have flowers 'cause we have goats!

  10. Well, I like the flowers but not so much the dogs. (No offense to any woofies who may be reading. I'm just not a Woofy Cat.)

  11. Purrty pee-o-knees! Ours haven't bloomed yet, but Mom thinks they will soon. The woofies look nice, we have some that are outside our windows sometimes too.

  12. The pee-o-knees are very pawesome! Mommy used to have peonies at her old house, and she misses them.

  13. Dear Derby,

    Oooohhh! beautiful peonies! Lovely garden.

    But a note to Chey......

    Were you aware that the ALC merged with the LCA to form the ELCA?? (those of you who were not raised Lutheran, just roll your eyes and sigh.)

    ALC does not exist anymore.

    As far as those missouri types....well they just may as well be Catholic! :)

    Skittles, The Huntress

  14. Well they look like pretty nice woofies. Fat & lazy like, good for napping with. As usual, you have some pretty flowers growing!

  15. Hi woofies! Hi flowers! Hi Derby!

  16. Wow! Those are ginormous woofies!!! We would be skairt.

    Maw lufs Pee-o-knees. She sez dat she wishes dey could grow heer. And lilacs. But it is too hot and dunt get cold enuf neefer. Do u get those ginormous ants on yur Pee-o-Knees? She amembers dem frum her girlhood.

    Luf, Us


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