Friday, June 15, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

When peace and tranquility are achieved, purring may commence.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.
Well you can't take a picture of purring, but we kitties purr lots. Some even when we are sick.

My picture is me watching out the big windows at the birdie feeders. We have baby birdies too. We can't see them but we sure can hear them. The mum and dad birdies come by and feed them and that is when we hear them call for food. This picture is a little blurry 'cuz mum had to take it from far away with the zoomer lens. But you can see one of the parent birdies getting ready to feed the little ones inside. Mum says the birdies are wrens and they are tiny birds, but they have a great big song to sing. Mum says we have had wrens nest somewhere in the yard every summer.

Mum was outside last evening talking with the neighbors and their little sticky thing came up by the house. I was glad that he was outside and I was inside. He laughed a little and then his Dad came and got him and took him away.

And for Flower Friday we have columbines. We have lots of them and in a few colors.
Someone mum knows at work is riding his bicycle all the way across the United States to raise money for cancer. You can check out Matt Across America here.

Mum went shopping last night for our Secret Paw stuff and something to send to Scooby, Shaggy & Scout. She went to check out the new pet store that opened near us. She did get a couple of things, but she said the stuff costed more there than other places. Plus she isn't happy that they had a sign on the door that said they would buy kittens. That means some people might see it and make more little kitties so they can make money. There are so many kitties in shelters that need homes, we don't need to have more litters.

The great debate is coming. The feline presidential candidates will match up and answer your questions. The moderator is Skeezix and he is asking for your questions. So if you have questions for the candidates, stop by and leave your question.

Looks like it is going to be a nice weekend so hope everyone has a good time with lots of treats and snuggles.


  1. Dear Derby,

    What beautiful Columbines!!! I don't have any of those in my garden.

    I must go talk to my pet human about that.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  2. Did you know that the Columbine is the Colorado state fowler? is...

    Momma is following that Matt Man's ventures. She said he buzzed right on fru our town the uver day but it was cold, so he probably didn't stay.

    Thanks for doing a Flower Friday!


  3. Oh derby...we can see yoo purring in that furst picktur!

    and eggspensive cat toys are werthless. We luv the classics...milk rings, crumpled papur balls and those things owr lady uses once a month that luk like wite mowsies (thare called tamp...what, Cheeto, I shuldn't say that? Why not?!?!?)

  4. Hi Derby! Wow. So much information in your post today.

    I love watching birdies too. We have little songbirds who stop by but then there are a couple of pigeons who like to sit on the fence and drive them away.

    We agree with you about getting a cat from a shelter. In fact, our humans were in Crete recently and there are hundreds of street cats there who need to be caught and spayed/neutered. If you stop by my blog, you will see that I'm having a contest and I will send a donation to a Crete animal charity in your name if you win!!

  5. Hi Derby it looks like yore having a good time looking at the birdies and purring. Yore mom's flowers are furry pretty.

  6. Hi Derby--
    Those are great outside pictures. It is very important to take time to smell the flowers. And eat them, sometimes, too.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  7. The columbines are lovely Derby! And that is a lovely catfucious comment!

  8. I don't think I have every seen a columbine before. They are pretty!

  9. those flowers look yummy. Purrty. I meaned purrty. - Sammy

  10. Those are some furry pretty pictures, Derby! Our squirrels have that same suet feeder - boy do they luv that stuff!

    We agree 'bout the kitten situation - there are soooo many great kitties that need to be rescued . . .oh don't get us started.

    Have a nice week-end!

  11. Derby, I always love your Fang Shui posts, they are very informative.

    Don't get me or Mum started about Pet Stores buying & selling kittens and puppies - it makes us crazy. We won't shop at those stores!

    I teleported to the mall to do my Secret Paw shopping yesterday too! Isn't shopping grand?

    My Mum says she is very jealous of your Mums green thumb - whatever that means? Is your Mum's thumb really green?

  12. They would BUY kittens? That doesn't sit right in so many ways... uh um

    Thanks for the pictures - I have not seen baby birds in a long time, I can imagine what the ones there look like.

  13. Oh Derby, dats bad. Did yoor mom say sumfing to dem about buying kittens? Is dat da one dat opened by Joann fabrics? She's not gonna shop der but if she goes der and sees da sign she will gif an earful to da manager or da owner. Mom runs around effury ware wif info pamflets in her purse and in da car about pet over populashun and how to control it.

  14. You certainly do look peaceful. And those columbines are so delicate and pretty.

  15. Your mommy has such beautiful flowers. My mommy loves to see the pictures. I want the birdies, I mean pictures of birdies.

  16. What a peaceful picture of you!! And that is very interesting that you have a family of wrens every year!

    Maw just planted some columbines in her flower patch. Yours are very beautiful!

    Luf, Us

  17. You certainly look like you are purring in your picture, Derby. Your columbines are beautiful. We grow them, too, but ours aren't blooming yet. I'm glad you have baby birds. Some sparrows built a nest in our garage, which is open front and back, and we have baby birds, too.


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