Monday, June 18, 2007

ManCat Monday

As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patiences with the limitations of the human mind. Cleveland Amory.

Now this is very true. We ask for a treat and they toss us a toy. We want to play they give us a treat. We want to sleep, they put the flashy box in our faces. Someday our beans will learn cat. Here I am clearly telling mum I need a treat, but do I get one? No, I get the flashy box in my face. I'm trying to take a nap and I get a toy tossed at me. Oh well, mum does try, but she says she is not good at languages other than her own. At least she admits that!

Hope every one had a nice weekend. Mum went and got Grampie and they had a nice light lunch and then sat on the patio. It had been hot but cooled off enough for them to sit outside in comfort. We all just watched the birdies, them outside, me inside. One robin took a really long bath in the birdie bath. Mum looked at the water after and it was terribly dirty.

Mum also took a quick peek inside the birdie house that has the baby wrens in it. She said she saw two heads for sure, wasn't sure if their might be a third baby birdie. She didn't want to be by the house for long, so as not to upset the birdies.

I mentioned on my last post about the house that they put in walkway's for the kitties. Well here is a linky so you can go see
The Cat House. Thanks to Fritzamus Maximus for giving me the link, mum says this is the place. The link only shows one room, but you get the idea.


  1. Thank you~!
    I have a good weekend to myself, too.
    The CAT House looks awesome~!
    Thank you for telling me that.

  2. Derby,

    Thank you for honoring Scooby, Shaggy and Scout for your 26,000 visitor. Even though I read your blog faithfully, I wouldn't have felt right taking a prize when neither I nor my 4 legged kids have a blog. Good luck in the election, and have a good week.

    Tara (not the cat)

  3. Derby,
    has it cooled down where you live? We are suppsed to get lots and lots of rain coming down with thunderboomies today.

    it's so nice of your mum to look after all those birdies for you!

  4. Hi Derby, Our beans don't understand what we want either. Yore mom is nice for taking care of the birdies and checking on them. We went to your linkie and now we wants a house like dat The Cat House place.

  5. You look like you need a rest Derby. It must have been a wild weekend!

  6. We like that Cat House! A long time ago Meowmie saw one like it on TV, wonder if it's the same one?

    We have to put up with that Flashy Box, too. Sumtimes those round things she puts in it stop working. We like that!
    ~Napoleon of The Bunch

  7. Derby, you are very right! I wanted a short brunette wig, and my Mommie got me a long blond one! They never listen.

    That's a cute picture of you.

  8. Oh Derby, you are so right about beans no understanding cat! I sometimes think my Mum really does know what I'm saying but pretends no to. I am usually asking for a treat, but she pretends I want to play or be petted. I would think the fact that I'm pawing at the treat drawer is a pretty big clue. Sigh!

    P.S. I like your new fevver!

  9. The birdie bath does come in handy. It must be kinda hard to wash yourself with a beak. That's why being a cat is so much better.

  10. We, and the one's dat came before, have been trying to teach mom meow fur years. Are beans reely dat dense? We give her simple two word sentences and she just doesn't get it. Den again, she's pretty good wif paw signals.

  11. *sigh* the things us felines put up with. I feel very sorry for you but like you say, at least your human admits she finds it difficult learning cat language. My humans are too stupid to acknowledge they are stupid!


  12. I know Derby - they really need to teach meow in bean school

  13. Mommy saw a feature on that house on TV. I tried to tell her she had to do that but, alas, my mommy can't speak cat either.

  14. I have asked My Lady to request that her landlord install a cat house like that one. We'll see if she listens. I doubt it.

  15. Derby, that is the truth! Why just tonight Ollie was clearly telling mommy to bug off when she tried to brush him. Then, she brushed me and I was trying to make biscuits. I know they try but we cats sure do have to have a lot of patience, huh?
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  16. You are so right, Derby. I'm almost always asking for food, but do I get it? No. I get things like kissies and baths. It's just not fair.

  17. We don't have baby birdies yet ... we have a sort-of nest up in the carport awning. The big birdies are really active, but the hummingbirds frighten them off 'cuz they arrive in droves ...

    Good luck trainin' your momma ... Mine must be mentally defective some how, 'cuz she still doesn't get it.


  18. Wowy - we has seen that Cat House featured on HGTV Extreem Homes - super dooper!

  19. Whatefur can be wrong wif da humans? Don't they know when we are sleeping we don't want to play wif da mousies? That am for hunting time. Geez.

  20. Derby, we don't entirely blame your mom for missing the "I want a treat" look. It really did make for an excellent photo. We home that she gave you a treat after the photo shoot.

    Like others said, that cat house is awesome! Those people must love their kitties very much.

    We have wrens in our yard too. They sing the most amazingly loud songs for such tiny birds.


  21. I don't know Derby, I don't think our humans will ever learn our lanquage, cause what you said is true. Mom really likes that picture of you. But I do understand about that flashy thing. Can irritate you at times, especially when you are napping and it wakes you up.

    It's fun bird watching, especially when that real big bird comes into our yard. I think Dad said it was a turkey. Thought those were things you put in an oven, not walk around. Oh well, it's fun watching.



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