Monday, June 25, 2007

ManCat Monday

"As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat." Ellen Perry Berkeley

And the modern interpretation is that our beans are our guardians not owners as you can't really own us. I think I agree with that. Mum is a good guardian for me. I get taken care of properly, food, water, a box that gets cleaned daily. I get played with and loved.

Mum went outside today and started saying things that I can't repeat here. It as "%$#*&^% Squirrels". They got into some of the plants and dug them up. She was not happy on this at all.
A pet-unia that got pulled out of the pot, but mum was able to put it back inside the planter.
Then they dug/chewed off some of the Christmas catci too. This plant flowers better when it gets to sit outside during the summer and into early fall. But if they chew off the leaves then it won't be able to bloom on those branches at all.
Mum gotted all rested yesterday. She did the shopping and washing, then went outside and caught up on some magazine reading. She filled the birdie feeders and filled up the birdie baths too. But just relaxed and didn't have to worry about being anywhere at any specific time, so she could just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day.

While mum sat outside she has a few small visitors who stopped by to pick at some of the spilled biride seed and they weren't birdies.
This is is Chip, a little monk who stops by in the summer. It is interesting in that the noise it makes is more like a birdie chirping.
Then after Chip left this baby bunny dropped by. Mum got one good picture and then the bun hopped off to hide in mum's flowers. Must be a shy bunnie. Plus mum saw a young robin following it parent around, also what looked to be a younger/smaller Cardinal. Mum also checked the bird house and the baby wrens have moved out.

Plus as promised she got my Secret Paw package ready. I did the final inspection and approval of the items put into the package. Plus the package I owe to Scooby, Shaggy & Scout for being my 26,000 visitor. So now she just has to go to the station with them to get them off.

Hope everyone has a good week.


  1. Ooohhh Derby!!! I used to eat chipmunks just like that one. I would let them loose in the house too. My pet human didn't like that.

    How do I sign up to play Secret Paws next time?? That sounds fun!

    Skittles, The Huntress

  2. That squirrel looks kinda cute though - I have a nice picture of a squirrel I took some time back - I'll share it soon!

  3. Wow! I wish the windows outside our house had the interesting stuff yours does!

  4. Our mom pretty much vegitated outside yesterday too. It was pretty nice out! One of Chip's relatives lives here by our house. His name is Chippy and Shaggy is trying real hard to catch him and play with him. No luck so far!

  5. Our mom doesn't like when the squirrels garden and eat up all the birdie seeds. We have a monk named Chip too - I wonder if they are brothers. Trixie caught him once and brought him into the house but den mom and dad put him outside again and HE GOT AWAY!!!

  6. Your Mom should hear what the maid and the butler say when the Javelina got through the garden!!!
    Those little chips are hard to catch, we rarely get one!
    I just have to tell everybody: I am Cat of the Day!!!!

  7. I never knew squirrels were so naughty!

  8. I have a love/hate relationship with squirrels. I love to watch them but they torture me.


  9. I hope you have a great week Derby! I also hope that those little chipmunks and squirrels leave those pretty flowers alone!

  10. Our Mom says lots of the words from the bad word list too. Every time she checks the yard deer, squirrels and chipmunks have destroyed more of her flowers. Dad says, "they have to eat, too" and Mom says "not in our yard, they don't!"

  11. She saw a bunny?? Can we see the picture???

  12. Sometimes my mom says words like that. Glad she got some fun stuff to do/see after that. My mom and I love looking at fledgling birds and other little creatures. Tommy chitters kind of like a chipmunk when he sees birds.

    Such a cute chipmunk! Was the bunny a wild one or a domesticated pet? Either was what fun to watch also.

  13. we're glad most of your visitors are cute and well-behaved. too bad about the "%$#*&^% Squirrels" though. ours like to take big bites out of the avocados, then throw the rest on the ground.

  14. I have a $##!*&)! squirrel who is my mortal enemy. She never shuts up when I got outside. Chitters at me the whole time!

  15. Oh, I have one of those noisy squirrels too, makes me crazy. (S) Wow, 26,000 visitors. How long have you been blogging, Derby?
    Your Florida friends,
    Samantha & Tigger

  16. I love the wildlife around your place. We don't have any bunnys or chipmonks here. We used to have squirrels at the old house, but Mom says there aren't enough trees here for them to live in. Bummer, but at least I get to see them on your blog.

  17. Awww. Those are great pictures of a baby bun and Chip, the monk. We are sorry that the squirrels are tearing up your mum's flowers.

    We're glad that your mum got rested up too. That is always good.

    Luf, Us

  18. I'm so sorry about your guardian's flowers! I hope they'll be okay.

    Mom saw a squirrel recently and she thinks it's the first one she's seen in years! It was outside my window but somehow I MISSED IT!

  19. It looks so lovely where you live with all those little animals in the garden. FAZ

  20. We too have "%$#*&^% Squirrels" Have you ever been to scarysquirrelsDOTcom? That is when you realize how dangerous those little boogers are.
    I'm glad your mommy got to relax and see tasty, I mean cute, little animals.

  21. I am glad your mum had a relaxing day. Sorry about the squirrel damage though. The bunny was cute.

    I am in trouble for eating too much. Is that possible?

  22. The monk and bunny is so cute. My bean, D has a few choice words to say when the pacfic blue jays come up on the porch and plant peanuts under her plants. Sometimes they uproot them and they die before D realizes that the jays had visited again.

  23. Your poor mommy! My mommy felt sad for your mommy when she saw all those plants dug up!

    My mommy has a xmas cacti too and she wasn't aware that it's good for them to be outside during the summer! As soon as she transfers the cacti to a bigger pot (which it seriously needs) and gives it time to recover, she's gonna try out your mommy's suggestion!


    PS. Mommy doesn't want us to touch any of her plants, she only has 3 and she keeps them way high up out of reach....yeah, right!!

  24. Dat is a nice lookin' chippy munk. They am easy to catch. At least that's what owr Mom tole us.


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