Friday, June 22, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

The cat strives for grace and elegance of movement at all times. Failing this, act as though any inelegant gesture was intential.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

hehehehe, I don't think mum has a picture of me being inelegant. First I take a good picture, second I try not to get caught if a do make a bad move.
Mum is certainly looking forward to the weekend. She worked furry long on yesterday, said something about an issue with China. So she didn't do much tonight but just watch a little TV and look at the mail. I tried to make her feel better. Lots of snuggles.

So one more work day for her until the weekend. Yippee for all of us.

Ooopsss. I forgot to remind mum to post a Flower Friday. So I made her turn on the puter first thing and pick us a flower.
Mum thinks the purple flower is a Campanula. That is all, Happy Friday!


  1. Derby, look how handsome you are in that photo and how very graceful you are with your paws crossed all nice.
    Mr. Chen & Ollie
    p.s. Hope you Mommy's work eases up a bit.

  2. I love your crossed paws - very elegant!

    Wishes for quality rest time for you and your Mum this weekend!

  3. You are always such an elegant kitty. Have a good weekend.

  4. All you need is a white tie and tux.

    Puttin' on the Ritz.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  5. You really can strike a handsome pose Derby! You paws crossed like that is quite sophisticated!

  6. Derby you look very elegant and sophisticated in the photo.Hope your mom gets to rest soon :)

  7. I have a feeling most of the beans that help us blog are ready for a weekend! That is a pretty flower and its right next to the house, how cool!


  8. Looking quite regal in this pic Derby!

  9. Very nice picture Derby and beautiful flowers too.


  10. Ah Derby, you are so lucky that your kind human avoids those inelegant photos. Mine lives to snap them. Put up your leg for a bath and snap snap snap... Sigh.

    Of course such things ARE intentional but still..

  11. You look very handsome in yore pikshur with yore paws crossed. Mom says that has a huge "awwww" factor, whatever that is. We hope you and yer mom haff a nice weekend and get lotsa rest.

  12. I think you should be a spokescat for something, Derby. You could make millions selling stuff!

    Amen to Friday!!

  13. Oh yes, I agree Derby, you always take very elegant pictures! I have been caught by the flashy box several times in a less than elegant pose - I'm bribing Mum not to post them!

    I too like the way your cute little paws are crossed - you are very handsome indeed.

  14. You are so handsome Derby, what a lovely manly pose!

    Lovey flora growing in your garden too!

    happy week-end dear friend

  15. Hey Derby, I'm allowed to blog again! Thanks for your concern about my whereabouts - I've been SOOO neglected!

    Nice flower - we have some campanulas the same colour as that.

  16. Derby,
    that is a very nice picture of you! The flower is very pretty too.

    thanks for your pawsitive thoughts for Conner!

  17. Dear Derby,
    Thank you for your graceful photo and lovely flower.

    Happy weekend to you as well.

  18. You are very photogenic Derby. Mom just loves how you have your paws posed in your picture. That purple flower is very pretty. As you can tell by my blog my Mom likes flowers too.


  19. Those crossed tosies are precious. What is the stuff outside the window there? Leaves?

    We wouldn't let momma post a Flower Friday cuz we had too much to say about the awful camping trip.


  20. That purple flower is ALMOST as gorgeous as you are, Derby ... ALMOST.


  21. You do indeed look very elegant in that picture, Derby.

  22. I think your pose was very elegant. My dear, new friend, I have been tagged for a meme from Marilyn Monreow, and therefore it is my duty to find someone to tag. So I tag you. Please go to my site and see what you have to do...

  23. What a nice picture. Ernest is often inelegant. I'm glad that the link to the cat house worked... too bad the site seems under a bit of construction. Normally you can see more of the house!

    It sounds like your mum has been working so hard. I hope she doesn't have to work over the weekend! That's the worst!

  24. Right, the issue with China? Well, is it anything to do with the cats who want to take back Siam? Cos I may be able to help if it is. I mean, why stop at Siam when we could have china, then Japan, my, the possibilities are endless ...

  25. Derby, you has grate manners, wif yur paws crossed like that. An that's a furry purty flower. Mom played in the dirt today; I saw her put plants in holes, then take them out again an put ofur plants in the wholes. Isn't that weird?

    Mom: Actually, I wasn't thinking and put the Petunias in the shade, where I meant to plant the other plants. So I had to dig them up again and move them to the sun. Duh!

  26. You are certainly an elegant kitty, Derby!

    That looks like a Campanula glomerata. There is a picture of one here:

    And that looks like Snow-on-the-Mountain next to it.


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