Friday, June 8, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Having a finger pointed or shaken at you by a human for something you did is bad luck. Should this occur, leave the room very quickly to avoid the bad luck.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.
As you can see I am on the move. If she doesn't like what I do, I will pack up and leave the room. If you look behind me it appears that something is knocked over.

I would like to mention a new kittie blogger, Henry Helton. He just started blogging and was hoping that lots of kitties will come and read his blog. Happy to help out and introduce you Henry! Welcome.

Last night the counter on the blog passed 25,000! Mum checked a little before 10 PM local time and we were at 24,996. That is when she put up the post about 25,000. Lin and the Furkids were the ones to post, but they don't have a blog. They said to give it to one of my regular readers. But we checked back a bit later, the counter was already up to 25,010 and no one else had left a comment that they just missed it.

Mum will be making an executive decision, consulting with me of course, on what we will do. Stay tuned!

For Flower Friday mum's other two poppies finally bloomed. The first one is a little bit lighter than the first ones. The third even lighter and it is a petite plant too. She took some pictures yesterday morning and a few again in the evening.
The big plant.
The petite plant.
All three plants together. The first one has pretty much lost all of its petals already. But then it has been windy here the past few days.
The three currently open blooms on the petite plant.
The biggest blossom on the medium color poppy.
The last of the pee-o-knee to bloom. This one is a darker pink and is just outside of mum's bedroom window.

I will also introduce you to my new neighbor even if it is a woofie. This is Snickers and she is a mix of a Golden Retriever and Poodle. Guess they consider this a Golden Doodle. Mum says this is the bestest picture she got. Snickers is five months old and will be a big woofie as mum says her paws are huge.
Here you can see she just plopped down at mum's feet, even though mum was on the other side of the fence. Mum says she is furiendly and would let her pet her and the woofie licked her hand. As long as she stays on her side of the fence I am content.
Lots of bad weather on Thursday so hope all of our furiends are OK. There were some purrty bad storms however where mum and Grampie lived before. The place they went to visit. The news thing said parts of the area had hail the size of softballs. Also that tornadoes damaged homes. We hope the none of their furiends had damage.


  1. Momma says your fowlers are so lovely, she wants to come see them.


  2. Maw so loves Pee-O-Knees!!! Purrty flowers and what a kyoot woofie.

    Luf, Us

  3. Derby yer mom has such purrty flowers. Are you allowed to taste them? Do dey taste good? I'm sorry yer mom shook her finger at you-our mom does dat and we leave too. You need to learn da back fo disrespect. We'll teach ya if ya want.

  4. oh your poppies is beautiful! mommy finks that their buds look like alien pods! our poppies was doing really well in April, but then we hadded snow and they died. Mommy was furry sad

  5. Those flowers are lovely, our momma is just getting flowers now that we bought a house. The woofie very cute but still a woofie, yuck!

  6. The flowers are lovely Derby. I'm sorry I missed out on your 25,000 visitor... I've been so busy with out-of-town dogs...

  7. I love the pink flowers the very best! And the best thing about the little woofie is that she has curly furs!

  8. We gots two woofies JUST LIKE THAT next door to us! They bark at Mom sumtimes when she's in our yard cuz they wanna say hi. They's ok, as woofies go.
    Yur firstest poppy pictor looked like a heart-shape when the page was loadin. Furry purty flours.

  9. I hate getting the finger shake. It hurts my delicate feelings!

  10. Beautiful flowers!!!

    Skittles, The Huntress

  11. I'm a peony fanatic. The pink one is astounding. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Derby....what did U nok ofer? Can't B in 2 much trouble....your 2 cute:)
    Love the poppies and the peeeoknees specially. They smell so good. I live in the desert and not too much happens in the cottage garden in the heat of summer.
    Keep the dog on his side of the fence is a real good idea!!!
    Luf Miss Peach...still in the frying pan:)

  13. My Derby I have so much to say I don't know where to start! First, of course you are on the move. You have many important things to do (like exit the room before you get blamed for something). Second, the poppies are quite beautiful as is the peony. We don't have poppies or peonies but the first lily finally bloomed. Before Mommy even got to enjoy it, the furballs destroyed it running around the flower bed. Mommy didn't get too upset because she said they were young and just didn't know better yet. We don't have any woofie neighbors anymore but the house next door is up for sale. A woofie moved away from there. He was quite a nice woofie to have as a neighbor because he wasn't outside much so he left us alone. Hopefully this woofie (who mommy says is adorable) will be good to you.

  14. You and your Mom have lovely flowers. My Mum doesn't do well with flowers, so she has "fake" flowers on our deck. I know it is shameful, but she just doesn't water "real" plants and flowers and since I don't have opposable thumbs, I can't do it for her! Sigh!

  15. deer derb,
    doze flowerz ar so byootiful. wish i had sum flowerz over heer to look at.
    dat golden doodle iz kinda cute fer a d-o-g. mi mom an dad know a golden doodle an it'z verree cute, too!
    luv--yer frend--jh

  16. Dats a cute woofie, is he frendly to yoo when yoo are in da window or out in your portibul porch? Mom wants to fill up da hill part of our yard wif dirt and a "terraced wall" and put in pee-o-nees and a cuppul of lilacs. And a waterfall, yes we agree wif dat. Mom, can we haf a pond wif fishies too...


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