Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Mighty Hunter

I have been a good kittie for mum the past few days. A few mousies thought they could sneak in the house and hang out. WRONG! Friday morning while mum was working she noticed I was patiently sitting at the door of the bathroom. Mum came over to look and saw what I had gotten for her. Mousie number one! Then mum worked the rest of the day and then left for a long time and didn't get back until after dark. But shortly after she got home I was chasing another little mousie around and finally got him cornered and killed! Mousie number two.
Mousie number three, well I am still working on that one. I had him in my mouth and put it down so I could play with it. But it ranned away. Mum says as much as I want to play with the mousie, the mousie doesn't want me to play with it! So I should just kill it and be done with it. But that isn't any fun! Mousies are fun to play with as they react and run around, but toy mousies don't move unless you move them!

And where did mum go last night? She went to a concert with Miss Lynn to see
Doc Severinsen. For those of you not old enough to know, Doc was the band conductor for the Tonight show when Johnny Carson was the host. Mum said the concert was very good (here is the local review) and they had seats in the second row! Mum loved being that close because you could see the people, mainly Doc. He wasn't just a little bright blip of bright clothing!

Wait, we interupt this post to bring you an update on mousie number three. I got it! I was just going off to have a snooze when I heard mum calling. Derby get back here and get the mousie and I did!
Mum says "Good job Derby"! Go ahead and take your nap!


  1. Wow, Derby, you are the MAN-cat!

  2. You Stud Muffin!!!!!!!

    Did you feel the blood lust??

    Skittles, The Huntress

  3. Wow! What a great hunter. We are very impressed!

  4. Hi Derby,
    Nice to meet you too! You look like my good buddy Jimmy Joe. He's a mouser too. I'm too ADHD to catch much of anything.
    p.s. I posted some more pikturs.

  5. Wow Derby you really earned that nap!

  6. Go Derby! Go Derby! Excellent job with the mouse management! You definitely deserve a raise! Hold out for more Temptations!

    I have a contest! Stop by and make a guess!

  7. What a great job, Derby!

    Do you eat them?


  8. Whoa! don't eat them do you? Real live mousies have cooties. Do they ever bite back?

  9. WOW Derby!!
    You are quite a hunter! All of the Fancidots cats are very proud, when they are able to kill a bug, and here you are, killing MICE !!
    Your mom must be VERY proud of you!

    Congrats for your very productive day!

    PS..Zenith says to tell you HI -- he's playing with Emma right now.

  10. Meowz Derby! Wow you did a Hat Trick....that means you got three in soccer. I don't care about mousies...thye freal mommy our if they get in the house...I justsay whatever.....
    PS: I washed off my war paint hee hee

  11. Derby we are furry impressed. Yoo are indeed a Mighty Hunter.

  12. Excellent job! A triple mouse play!

  13. Derby! You are the mancat! THREE mousies! I am very impressed.

  14. A mighty hunter you are!

  15. You are a great hunter!!!


  16. You are so lucky, Derby, to have those mice to hunt down. Nothing here but bugs.

    You did a great job!

  17. Excellent job, Derby!
    The mice I catch sometimes get away,too. That just makes me more determined to catch 'em!

  18. If those mousies have any brothers or sisters, please send them to my house. I would love to kill, oh I mean play with them. Please, please, pretty please???

  19. What a great hunter you are Derby! Silly little mousies, thinking they could come into your house un-noticed! You took care of them! Good job!

  20. You da man, Derby! Very impressive hunting skills.


  21. SupurrrCat Derby! Great job defending your mum from the invasion of the mousies. We're vuurry prroud of you.

  22. Oh my! Even I never got 3 mousies right in a row! I'm in awe of you, Derby.


    P.S. Mom says to tell your Mum she loves the MSO and wishes she could get there more often.


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