Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fevvers Everywhere

Mr Hawk paid us a visit again yesterday. But mum didn't know he visited until this morning when she looked outside and saw lots of fevvers on top of the snow by one of the feeders. She inspected more when she came home tonight and lots of fevvers in the feeder. So mum didn't see it like she did last February when we got pictures, but Mr Hawk got a dove for his lunch. A few weeks ago he just hung out in the tree, but he got his lunch this time.

Mum is watching people sing pretty songs. One from a place she visited when she was in the place with the big salty lake. People singing, the Norman nabersnackle or something like that. Now lots of people from a college named Olaf are singing. Mum likes the pretty songs that they sing, Christmas and otherwise.

Mum has been sneezing lots and been very sleepy. I hope she is not getting sick, just in time for Christmas. I better go purr with her so she stays healthy.
But she can be silly by putting the toy on top of me. Silly lady. I will play with the toy when I feel like it.


  1. Oh I will help purr for your Momma. That would be a bad time to get sick.


  2. I hope Mr Hawk could visit you time to time~! He seems very handsome to me~!

    I sincerely hope your momma won't get any cold. I am purring and purring for her.

  3. You know - those jacks are very tasty! ~Fiona Bun

  4. I hope your Mama gets better in time for Christmas! What is a hawk like? I haf never seen one.

  5. Haha....your Momma is siwwy, putting that toy on you! I hope your Momma doesn't fall sick! Sick duwing the howidays is the weast fun of all!

  6. we will send out purrrss to your momma - we doesn't want her to get sick!

  7. I see the word "snack" in that singing thing. Does that mean you're getting tons of treats??


  8. I see you are giving that jack the evil eye. It looks like a fun toy though.

  9. Nasty Mr. Hawk was just biding his time. Oh well, wild creatures have to eat too.
    Please don't be getting sick, Derby's mom!

  10. Our Daddy gots his toofy pulled today, so I bedder go purr on him. Then I will purr for your Momma, too.


  11. I hope your Mum doesn't get sick. Hopefully you sitting in her lap will get rid of all her sneezes.

  12. We hope your mum duzn't get sick either. It's no fun being sick at Chris Mouse. We'll purr furr her, and yoo'll haf to give her eggsta snuggles.

  13. Your mommy needs your purrs. She's probably exhausted from shoveling all that snow.

  14. Those balls are pretty tempting! Wouldn't see that at our house, especially with Scout around!
    We got lots of snow from the latest storm too. Dad & the boys had to go dig out 3 times!

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