Monday, December 3, 2007

ManCat Monday

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer
Good ol' Al, he had it right. We are a refuge to our beans for all that goes on in life. I am all 'alaxed and mum can come home to me and relax. Plus mum likes to play nice music, so that helps. What isn't good is when she sings along. I don't like that, so I put the bitey on her.

Oh, about my change, yes it is the lack of my collar. No, I didn't hide it or lose it. When I go to the kittie spa they prefer that we don't wear collars, so that they can't catch on things. So mum took it off when she took me in, but when she brought me home she didn't put it back on. So for now I get to run around totally naked. Mum used a few older pictures lately on posts where I did have my collar, so that might have confused you.
I almost got outside Friday night. I think I want to go outside because we don't have open windows now, so no fresh air. But since I wanted out, mum picked me up and we went outside for a few minutes. I got to breathe the fresh cold air. Grampie suggested that she put me in the PTU and set me outside for a while so I get fresh air. I am not so sure about that, mum hasn't tried it,.............yet.

Mum worked yesterday to clear all of the snow and stuff off the driveway and patio. The nice neighbor came over and helped with his big snow eating monster with the heavy stuff at the end of the drive. He is the once that kills all the vishus deers. It snowed, then sleeted and then freezing rain, then rain. So the white stuff was heavy to move around.

Mum got 8 batches of peanut brittle made too over the weekend. She still has the peanuts to make more, but she has made a good start. Most of this she will give away.
Remember a few months ago when mum took Grampie to see the Lipizzaner horses. Well they didn't see that I teleported over to see the show too. Many horses like kitties and this one was happy to give me a ride while I napped. He even had a brand on him to show that he was my horse!


  1. You better watch out about getting outside Derby. It is very dangerous out there.

  2. Hey Derby, you sit in the princess pose too!

    Mom hasn't been taking me out as much lately either cause it's been so cold, and I miss the fresh air.

    That peanut brittle sounds yummy!


  3. the out is dangerous. but going out in the PTU might not be nice either.

    we is 'posed to get maybe a foot of snow today! YIKES

  4. Howdy Derby, u luks lyk a cowboy riding da horsey! My Aunt has horsies and mommie says we can go see dem one day when Iz all better. I dont tink I would be brav nuff to ryde one doh. U vewy brave to want to go owtsyde too. Itz cold and wet and BIG! I just stay in wit mommie and lay on da couch.

    Your Friend,

  5. We're glad the nice neighbor helped your mum clean off that nasty frozen stuff. That is hard work!

    That was nice of the horse to give you a ride.

    Luf, Us

  6. What a fine fine horse that is Derby!

    It sounds like your weather is just as bad as ours. Our snow washed off, of course that means flooding coming up later in the day.

  7. You are one brave kitty to ride on a horsie! It looks fun.

    I guessed right about your collar! I'm the only kitty in the house wearing one. The twins REFUSE to wear one and scratch it off every chance they get.

    Great job on helping your mommy relax.

  8. Wow Derby! Your own!

    It's very nice of you to help your mom relax and good of you to tolerate her singing.

    I don't put the bitey on my mom but sometimes Tommy will talk real loud when she sings. Helps drown out the singing...Hehehehe.

  9. Your snow was our mountain snow. Stay warm.

    And, you were a natural on the horse.

  10. I've been catching up on all your posts that I haven't read, Derbs. Lots of exciting things! You look so comfy on the horsie. I love the Derby Double vision. purrrs.

  11. You can ride a horse? You are furry talented.

    I like your pictures of the hawk and squirrel and stuff. Your squirrel looks bigger than the ones we have here. Maybe he is just fat.

    I am trying to imagine all the snow you have. We have no snow, but have been having lots of rain. Big gale yesterday, so lots of wet twigs and branches on the floor today.

  12. Gee, Derby, my mom doesn't take me to a spa-what do they do there? I think you need to post about that so all our moms will get the idea to take us, too!

    That Lippizaner is a beautiful animal, isn't it? It's broad back makes a nice warm sleeping spot. I'm sure it didn't mind you up there, just keepin' it company.

  13. We are SO glad The Big Thing doesn't like collars! OK, some kitties like em an look really pretty or serious in em, but we just love not haffin em.

  14. Wow - you're pretty good at riding that horse, you look so relaxed!

  15. You look very relaxed in that first photo. That's the way mancats should always be :-D Unless you need to look fierce and mancatly, which I'm sure you do just as well!

  16. wow, i can't believe you'd go out on the cold! brrr. i'm glad your mommy kept you safe in her arms. are you microchipped? i am, mommy feels safer that way in case i slip out. it really doesn't hurt at all!

    you certainly look so comfy there. i think your mommy must be so happy having such a warm, snuggly Mancat to relax with.

    PS you haven't "heard" pain until you've heard my mommy singing anything by the Who. *shudder*

  17. PS you look fantastic on that horse. You're a born Mancat Cowboy.

  18. very own horse! You are a lucky cat. I am jealous.

  19. Naked Cat! Welcome to the club! We had collars once, the kind that would snap off if we got caught on something. I learned that if I wiggled it into my mouth, I could then pop it off with my strong chin. Poor Roscoe tried to copy my moves and just ended up with the collar in his mouth. By the time our human got home, it had been stuck there for hours! His white fur was stained from his drool mixing with his red collar. Poor guy. Since then we get to run naked, though we have miro chips in our neck just in case we get out.

    Hugs from Italy!
    Your Colts Fan buddies
    Opus and Roscoe

  20. Why is it that our Mom's make treats that we don't like to eat. They should make mouse cookies or something!

  21. Derby, go over to our blog & read about my snow adventure. Be sure to show it to your mum. Then we'll see if she wants to put you outside!
    Cool Horse!

  22. Gosh Derby, we didn't realize you're such an accomplished equestrian.

  23. Wow! You slept on the back of a horse. What an exciting day that must have been.

    Jan's Funny Farm

  24. Oooooo, sitting in the PTU outside might me kinda fun! Maybe Meowm will do that for me!


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