Monday, December 31, 2007

ManCat Monday - New Year's Edition

Cats do not have to be shown how to have a good time,for they are unfailing ingenious in that respect. - James Mason

Woohoo, party at Dr Tweety's New Year's Eve! So all you cool cats, get ready to party. There is always nip to enjoy, me with my new nip ravioli. They are the best, and have some really good nip inside! Then we have a nice snuggly blankie to lay on that has all sorts of other kitties on it. So if we shed, you will never be able to tell. Mum will have to find another blankie for her to use. Maybe I will let her use it. She still has the sneezy, sniffly thing going on. Plus she is furry tired and has been napping almost as much as me. If you want to come over and watch the birdies, feel free. We have a nice chair to sit in, you can sort of see my big leopard pillow down on the floor, plus the floor itself. There is a heaty vent right there to help keep us warm. Mum will be sure to keep the feeders all full so make sure the birdies keep stopping by. Happy Purrthday to my bean cousin Joel!

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Derby,

    Happy New Year to you as well~
    I sure believe you could sit on that comfy sofa to watch birds at the new year~!!!!!

    It looks excellent!

  2. I want to come watch the birdies!! I like how your house is on ground level like that, ours is kind of raised so we can never look right out at birdies, we have to look kind of down or up.


  3. We'll come check out the birds with you Derby! Sorry your mom is not well. Both our Dad & Boy came down with colds this vacation too!

  4. I'll come by. I am sure I will get to tired at Dr. Tweety's party and just want to relax and enjoy some birds in good company!

  5. Derbs,

    Happy New Year my sweetheart cat. Your armchair looks like it has room for me there.

    I'll be right over to snuggle.

    love and purrs,

  6. Happy New Year Derby....and to your Mum too! Maybe I will drop by and see the birdies!

  7. Smooches and Happy New Year!

  8. Have a Happy New Year! Love Henry, Clyde and Charlotte Helton!

  9. Happy New Year! You look so content sitting there on your throne and watching the birdies in the snow.

    Luf, Us

  10. Happy New Year, Derby! 2008 is gonna be GREAT! I'll teleport over to watch the birdies at your house 'cuz our windows don't face our birdie-watchin' tree ...


  11. Happy New Year you lovely soul.

  12. Happy New Year Derby!
    Your FL furiends,

  13. Derby, Happy New Year to you and both of us hope that your mom is feeling better. We would like to come over shortly to watch birdies with you. You have lots of snow and it's easier to see those birdies!

    Purrrrrrs, Willow

  14. Happy Noo year Derby, I will come and sit and watch the birdies with you. I is an indoor/outdoor kittycat so I could always go and catch one, but wait, I has never been in snow before. I might be better to sit and watch with you.

    I hopes you mum feels better soon.

    thanks for the invitation.

    Poppy Q

  15. Happy New Year Derby. Stay Warm!

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  16. I just wanted to stop by to say Happy New Year my friend! Thank you so much for all of your Colt's updates, you are such a sweet kitty to keep us posted on how the team is doing.

    Wishing you and your family all the best in 2008!

    aka. Opus and Roscoe's Mom

  17. Stopping by to say a Happy New Year, Derby!

  18. Happy New Year to you and your family Derby!

    Ooh, I'll be right over is I can sit and watch the birdies! Is it o.k. if I pounce up on the window once or twice if the birds get too exciting for me?

  19. Happy New Year Derby. We'd like to come and watch your birds. Do they make your teeth chatter?
    We loooove that kitty blanket.

  20. Happy New Year Derby! It's gonna be a good one. Fink good positive thots to help yur Mum get rid of dat cold. We'd love to come by an watch da birdies wif you.

  21. I am so sad that I missed the party, hope ya do a post on it so I can find out what happened. No puter time to get me there.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YA AND YOUR FAMILY! Much happiness in the new year ahead.

  22. Happy New Year to you and your family Derby!

  23. Happy New Year to you and your family! Hope your 2008 is great!


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