Monday, June 23, 2008

ManCat Monday

To understand a cat, you must realize that he has his own gifts, his own viewpoint, even his won morality. - Lilian Jackson Braun

Yep we cats are our own moral compass. So don't mess with us or question why we do what we do. Our natural state is to kill birdies, mousies and other stuff for food. So it is our nature to be hunters and stalk. Heck, I even stalk mum sometimes for fun.

I teleported off to Gree and Othello's wedding. It was furry lovely and great to be with all of our furiends to celebrate.

Mum was gone most of Caturday and then Sunday she wasn't feeling well. She even went to see the bean vet! It didn't take long but he said she had fluid that was all blocked up in one ear. He gave her big pills to take, so she just sort of sat around or we even napped a bit together. That was fine as we had off and on rain showers.

The metal monster is back in its room. Mum says it was Ok to drive on the new driveway now, so the monster is safely tucked away at night again. Even though we live in a very safe place she still worries about someone damaging or stealing it!
If anyone sees the above cat, Emil of the Cat Realm, tell him to go home! His family is missing him terribly and is furry worried. You can also read more about Emil here.

Plus the gang over at Caturday have a new family at the shelter that needs a home. It is a complete family of Gorgeous Gingers. Yep, MomCat, DadCat, and five wonderful little gingers. They called them the Cheddar family. I think they are the Cheeseheads. Go check them out, they are so cute. Wouldn't you just love a whole ready-made ginger family? Yep, you would. Somebody adopt the whole family!


  1. I hope those huge pills help your mom's ear - my mom's had that before and it doesn't feel good!

    As you know, I killed a lizard once. And too many bugs to mention. I like that quote.

  2. We hope your mom feels better soon!

    We are purring and praying for Emil to return home.

  3. We hope the Cheeseheads find a home soon. We will purr that they do.

    We are hoping Emil is just busy taking pictures and lost track of time. Still it's very upsetting that he hasn't come home yet. We are purring around the clock that he will.

    Hope your Mom is better, we will purr for her too.

    Gotta go chase some bugs. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  4. I hope the cheese family finds a great home soon!

  5. We hope your mommy feels better soon! Happy Mancat Monday to you!

  6. Love that quote!!!! So true!

    Hope your mom feels better.

    We hope Emil gets home real quick!!

    purrs Goldie and Shade

  7. It was great to see you at the reception Derby. Too bad there was no ceiling to walk on though. heheh Hope your Mom gets better fast. We'll purr a lot for her.
    your bud Pepi

  8. Hope your Mum feels better soon


  9. Dennis feels sad when mom's are sick.

  10. I hope your mum's ear gets all better. Sick mommies really aren't much fun - except you do get a lot more snuggling and napping in.

    I am purring for Emil to come back home soon. He has me very worried.

  11. I hope your person starts feeling better. My human hated it when her ears hurt.

    We are purring hard for Emil.

  12. we really hope Emil comes back home soon and that the cheeseheads gets new homes. and we hoped yur mom gets better too.

  13. fanks fur lettin us know where yur momma got yur grate porch. we now hafe ta werk on owr momma ta getted us one.

  14. I hope your mom feels better soon! And I also hope someone adopts the whole basket of Cheeses soon.

  15. I hopes your Mom gets better soon!

  16. Hope you mommie feels better soon.

  17. What a nice window you have to sit in, Derby. You sure look happy.

    I hope your mum feels better soon!

  18. How's your Mom feeling today, Derby? Better we hope!
    the Hotties

  19. Great post! Hey, I stalk mom sometimes for fun too. But stalking my bro and chasing him around the hous is the funnest!

  20. we're sending our bestest urrs & purrayers for your mom to fully recover soon, hope she's doing fine now...

    wow, we love see your pic near that window, so mancatly look!

    see our masseur kitties, Fatum & Brutum and when WE all become Significant Other to our beloved human

  21. Hey, Derby! I wanted to answer your question about where I live. Unfortunately, I do not live in Marina Towers. I'm further east, closer to the lake. It would be cool to live in a round building, though.


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