Friday, June 20, 2008

Not Missing

Sorry if I scared or had everycat worried that I was missing. Don't worry if that had happened mum would have had an APB out for me all over the blogosphere.

Mum come look, the guys with all the big trucks are back! What are they going to take now?
I gotta get closer to see this today. You could have opened the window just a little bit more mum.
They unloaded all sorts of fancy metal monsters and the big red ones had stinky black hairballs inside, which it yakked up an it went inside the orange monster.
That monster then put this stuff down in a nice flat strip where the old driveway was.
The guys did this a couple of times to make a big, thick black patty on the area, then the one monster got loaded back on its truck.

They watered it, but I don't think it is going to grown like mum's plants when she waters them.
And this little monster they moved inside the room and then it went up and down the driveway, mum says that it smooshes it nice and tight. It was fun to watch it go up and down the driveway.
Soon it was all over and they left, leaving us to have a quiet rest of the day. Mum says they did a nice job. But she can't actually drive on it for three days. So what was missing is back, but looking so much better.
Flower Friday
Here is my flower of the week, a poppy. The poppies started to pop during all of our rainy days. So mum couldn't get very good pictures and the flowers were already getting wrecked by the rain. But these are still one of her favorite flowers and she is happy they like to grow here.

Happy weekend everyone. I will be taking off to Gree and Othello's wedding on Saturday. See you all there.


  1. That is one scary monster! Thank god you are safe inside the house, Derby.

  2. When we saw that words "Derby" and "missing" our hearts stoppped! We are so glad that you are ok, but sorry to hear that your drive way was stolen! We bet that the people who stole our van are the same crooks who took your drive way!

    Much love,
    Opus and Roscoe

  3. Your new driveway looks very nice!

  4. The driveway looks nice and your Mums flower bed is lovely. We spotted it in one of the photo's of the new driveway.

    We like your red poppy too it is a very cheerful flower. ~Scylla, Charybdis & Socks

  5. wow!! I really wants to drive big machines like that!! COOL!! - Sammy

  6. Lovely flowers. I can still hope that the watering means that something new will grow in that area! HE HE.

  7. Those are an awful lot of metal monsters. I'm glad you were safe from them, Derby!

    Mommy's favorite flowers are poppies. She wishes she had some in her yard.

  8. Nice! I am pretty sure those guys should come to our house because our driveway is truly sad these days.


  9. Your new driveway looks pretty! I like looking at Monster Trucks.

  10. What a cute poppy! Your new driveway looks great!

  11. We are glad that it was only your driveway that was missing and not you. Cody was missing in our new house for 2 days, but Mom found him. He was hiding in the garage (Mom wasn't happy with one of our roommates about that).

    We like poppies - they are our state flower.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  12. We had a new driveway put in a couple of years ago. We were so glad when the noisy machines finally left!
    Our mom says a nice flat driveway is much easier to shovel in the winter, but we don't want to think about that chore just now.

  13. Cool!! Glad that your driveway was returned even better than before!

  14. Your new driveway looks very nice.
    Glad your back home and safe :)

  15. wow, i'm glad you're safe inside when those icky big monsters came. i think the new driveway is pretty. it will highlight all the pretty flowers around it.

    poppies are so pretty!

  16. oooohhh Derby yoo luked lyk yoo was gonna get those monsters. so basically they stoled yur driveway and returned it luking better, but they shuldve told yoo furst so yoo wouldnt werry.


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