Monday, June 30, 2008

ManCat Monday

If you gave wings to a cat, it would not condescend to be a bird. It would be an angel. - Dick Shawn [1923-1987]
Don't I look angelic here? Yep, I do. All I need are my wings.

I was a good kittie on Sunday. I didn't do anything to wake mum up early. I let her sleep until she decided to get up. That was around 7:20 AM. She went to bed about 10:30 PM, so she nearly had 9 hours of sleep. She didn't even have to bribe me with some licks of her ice cream. Plus she took a short nap in the afternoon too on Sunday.
I had some good naps too on Sunday. I took over the bed while mum was washing the sheets. Me and Mr Bear snuggling on the bed, and I got a longer than usual nap as mum washed the sheets last instead of first!

Saturday mum went to have dinner with Miss Lynn. She brought a box home but I don't know what is inside yet. It didn't smell like much to me, no ham, chickhen etc. that I could detect.

It got cooler out again, so nice open window season. I love to sit in the windows and watch the birdies and such. When I get all 'acited I chitter and my tail wooshes back and forth.
Mum's ear is getting better. She says at times it feels completely normal, then for bits of time it feels a bit wonky yet. Not to worry she will be taking care of any issues that come up so this doesn't go on for a long time. If she needs to see the bean vet again, she will do so to make sure this all gets cleared up.


  1. Glad you had a good weekend!!

    You do looke very angelic in that photo! Such a handsome boy!


  2. Derby, I think you are an angel!

  3. We miss open window weather. It is too hot and humid here now, we have to have the AC on.

    Glad your Mom got some rest, hope she is 100% soon. ~Socks

  4. you are an angel Derby!

    we hopes your mom feels better soon!

  5. What a perfect way to spend Sunday. And what a nice cat you are Derby to let your person snooze. I do not do that.

  6. Derby

    Are you sure you don't have wings? That picture makes you look like you do...



  7. what a great weekend you had! you certainly looked angelic in that photo it must be because you let your mommy sleep in.

    we're purring your mommy's ear gets all better soon.

  8. That's a wonderful portrait of you Derby! It sounds like you had a great weekend and lots of good naps.

  9. You definitely look angelic, Derby. Do you want me to draw a halo over your head?


  10. You are an angel, Derby! You look so sweet when you are asleep. Glad you had a nice weekend and it's good that your mum is feeling better.

  11. Looks like you've got a nice window perch there. I love the picture of you on the stool!

  12. Naps and a window seat, it doesn't get much better than that!

    Are those horns I see holding up that halo?


  13. You do look like an angel, even without the wings.

  14. We can see your angels Derby. All cats have angels. We are glad to hear that your mum is feeling better, and hope that she continues to get well.

    With our birthday present, we don't get open windows much in our room, but we will take the AC over the open window.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  15. You do look angelic, Derby! We hope your mom's ear feels 100% soon!

  16. What a nice relaxing time you two had. Just hanging out. We love your quote today!

  17. What a nice day you had. And we're glad your mom's ear is doing better - much of the time. Perhaps soon it will be all back to normal.

    purrs and tail wags

  18. Sounds like a great weekend for you Derbs.
    your bud Pepi

    Pee Ess. We all hope your Mom feels tip top again soon.

  19. That is a very angelic pose, Derby. Did you find out what was in the box?

  20. Looks like you had a great weekend.
    I love the photo of you and your bear napping so cute :)

  21. You do look angelic in that first picture. Nice you let your mom sleep late.

    By the way, I love the pictue of you with the ice cream cone. I also love vanilla ice cream so so much!

  22. Yep, you look like an angel. I like it when Meowm naps, cause I can nap with her.

  23. Thank you for your sweet tribute to Emil and thank you for your condolences at our blog. Emil has wings now and plays with Anastasia....
    Karl and Mrs. OZ

  24. What a great weekend you had! We're sorry to hear that your Mum's ear is still wonky. That is not fun.

    Luf, Us

  25. Dennis thinks you look angelic.


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