Saturday, February 1, 2014


Mum got home late last night from day hunting. But when she got home she had the food shopping with her too. Said she is not leaving the house until Monday!

If you having nothing better to do, stop by the Tabby Cat Club for the Stouper Bowl Party on Sunday. We want Mr Peyton and the Broncos to win.  Hope to see you there.

So here we were earlier this week when mum day hunted from home. We had a wonderful day to soak up the sun in the afternoon.

Otherwise we plan to have lots of naps, watch some fevvers, watch the snow fall today. Mum says she needs to clean, do the crow-shay and read. Then finally watch the feetsball game on Sunday.


  1. See you at the TCC party!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. We'll be watching the Super Bowl with the peeps tomorrow, but we'll stop by the TCC to pawty a little bit.

  3. Mom says we are rooting for the Seahawks because she was born in Olympia, WA. But we really watch for the commercials and half time.

  4. Enjoy your naps. It's nice here today. We won't mention last week. Be warm and healthy.

  5. We want the Broncos to win, but it's not looking too good now . . .

  6. Well, sorry Boys, we wanted Denver also. It wasn't a very good day for them. Actually, we feel kinda proud of the Niners since they didn't embarrass themselves when they played the Seahawks (lost 23-17). This was like that 1990 Super Bowl when Joe Montana was still here and we beat Denver 55-10. Ahhhhh, the good old days....


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