Saturday, February 8, 2014


Yay we made it to Caturday. Mum did the foods shopping last night, so only the washy routine and the sucking monster to do. Then she can chillax' with us!

 The beginning of sun coming in the big windows that go to the floor You can see a tiny sliver of light on the cabinets and some light on the frame! Woohoo, soon we will have evening sun puddles to bask in!
Us enjoying the tower. At this time Derby had the top spot, but Ducky was closer for mum to take pics!

 Yep, you wanna come down? You gotta get by Ducky first. We do do slap paws at each other when one of us in in a spot the other one wants. Mum has a movie she can put together, or at least she hopes it will work.

Everyone have a good Caturday, we are taking it easy!


  1. There is the promise of spring just around the corner!
    Love your cat tree!

  2. We think you too are going to enjoy your Caturday.

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend your Caturday!

  4. We don't even need THAT much of a reason for smacky paws! Or at least Binga doesn't.

  5. Just lay off the smacky paws you two. Behave and enjoy time with your mum.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. You boys sure love your cat tree. We can see why. :)

  7. Slap paws?? Maurice just bites at me!


  8. You look terrific on your tower and a big hooray for sunpuddles!

  9. We see signs of spring here, too...pretty soon it'll be long warm sunpuddle days!


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