Monday, February 3, 2014

ManCat Monday

Some say cats are devils, but they behave badly only when they are alone. When they are among us, cats are angels. - George Sand

Quite a weekend and quite a Sunday. It was Super Groundhog Day Bowl Sunday!

We had a nice weekend, mum was home for the whole time, she cleaned lots, so we have to fur things up again.

Sunday, we had sun and lots was going on other places.

Rodent Report 

The few that we found, Phil and the more local Wynter, say we are due for another 6 weeks of winter. We have already had what seems like 6 months of winter so what is 6 weeks more.

Mum did get a photo that the sun is now hitting half of the back of the house around 4 PM. 

 Kitten Bowl

The ginger cats won the kitten bowl! Guess that wouldn't be a surprize. They even made the front of the TV section.

Final Feetsball Report - Stouper Bowl Edition

The hype is over the number 1 offense (Broncos) against the number 1 defense (Seahawks). The game started on a strange play which had the ball going over Mr Peyton's head!

But one play wasn't the whole game, it lasted like furrever. Mum says they seem to last long, longer than normal pregame, halftime and all. Not the game we were expecting with the Seahawks pitching a shutout for nearly 3 quarters. Heck, we don't think we even hear an "Omaha". So concats to the Seahawks.

We weren't all that impressed by the commercials either. The bestest by us was the one with the Clydesdales and the Jaguar one was cool too.

So now we can get our weekends back from sports for a while. Everyone have a good week. 


  1. We were really excited about the Kitten Bowl - and then my human watched about 5 minutes! Fortunately, we have it on DVR.

    I am surprised there wasn't a riot when Phil announced 6 more weeks of winter! That groundhog had better watch his back!

  2. Paws up from Newton for the orange cats winning the Kitten Bowl. Ginger power!

  3. Glad to see the gingers won the Kitten Bowl.

  4. We were rooting for those adorable gingers too and were so happy when they won!

  5. We thought the Kitten Bowl was a blast!

  6. We were more innerested in the Groudhog Report than the Football Game. The weather is more important. Even then, TBT laffs at us fer caring what a giant mousie says... WE say we bet that, the way this Winter is going so far, the "giant mousie" is right.

  7. the mom and us watched 5 minutes of the stoopid bowl. then we watched Puppy Bowl!

  8. doodz...haza grate week two yur phil dood heer haz it in for uz....6 mor weeks on winter N ten mor inches a snow two night....him better hopez heez squirreled a way but good !!!

  9. I liked the Clydesdale advert too (I saw it on YouTube). Perhaps they could attempt it next year with a pusscat instead of a woofie and make it a real winner.

    Sydney, Australia


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