Wednesday, February 19, 2014

RIP Dove

We was waiting for mum to be done with her brekkie this morning to get a few milk licks when we heard a big thump on the windows that go to the floor.
Poor Mr Dove had flown into the windows so hard and he just didn't move and mum said she saw blood too. Mum took a picture from inside but then she had to go to day hunt.
So when she got home she saw that the dove was still there so went out to get it away from the house and us having to see it every day!
Yep, there was blood and you can see it clearly once mum picked up the dove. No she didn't pick it up with her hands, she used the shovel.

 Then mum carried out by the back fence and covered it up with snow. By spring mum says it will probably be gone, eaten up by mousies and such.
 The roof that got raked and with the sun and warm temps today, mostly clear. That is good, we is getting rain on Thursday, maybe the slippery freezing rain stuff.
 Here is the snow piles right outside our big windows. Glad we have the tower so we can sit on it and still see over the snow piles.


  1. Aw, poor dove. We've had birdie run into our house too.

  2. Wait, yer Mum made you have to see a dead birdie JUST out of reach ALL day and she dint give it to you even when she came home? Not even to at least sniff an tap at the fevvers?

    We, we dont even know what to say...

  3. How sad that dove got so confused that it killed itself. :-(

  4. Poor little dove. That's sad.

    And goodness, that's a lot of snow for you to have to look over outside your windows!

  5. Poor Mr Dove! Sometimes the fev-vers crash into the windows here but usually only stun themselves. It usually happens when they are being chased by a hawk.

  6. How sad that that dead bird was just outta reach . . .

  7. Oh poor birdie. Once in a whlle we'd get a birdie fly into our big window in our old house, but never here. We miss our birdies.

  8. Too bad about the dinner, er dove.
    We can't believes you still has so much snow! You kittehz really need some sun and warm temps. We'll try to purr you up some.

  9. Poor little dove. We occasionally hear thumps as birds collide with the window but we don't think we have had any fatalities yet.

    The Chans

  10. Fly free, pretty dove. We heard the same thump last week during our snow days and it was a Varied Thrush bird that flew into our windows with anti-bird stickers on it. Crazy! Our mom trekked out there and though there was blood, it was still moving. An hour in a paper bag in our warm garage and it was okay enough to fly away! Doesn't always happen but our mom sure was happy this time!

  11. doodz....just thiz ONZE....we will say sorree ta de dove.....we haz sum fly in two's heer, N sew far onlee one fatalitee....hay...hope everee one haza pound oh perch week oh end !!

  12. It looks like it was quick for the dove, hope so.
    One less bird to entertain you on Bird TV.

  13. Oh bummer, will that impact your BirdTv watching, too? Seriously though, we've seen that happen here too, and it's so sad. RIP mister dove.


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