Saturday, February 15, 2014


HiYa, Ducky here. Thanks to all who stopped by to help me and us cellybrate my Gotcha Day and Valentines Day. All these important days right on top of each other.

Well, it has been an interesting morning for me. I got lured into the human litterbox room and then stuffed in the PTU!

 I didn't care for this at all and I sure let mum know about it. I don't usually say much, but I did voice my displeasure.
 Derby came over to check me out and to say bye. He was happy as he had the house to himself for a while.
 In the PTU, all strapped in so it won't bounce around. Mum is a good driver, but I would rather not have to go for the ride in the first place.
 My weight, they have a new digital scale in the office, this way mum can see exactly what I weigh and mum and the Mr Vet Man say this is just fine.
 Me waiting on the table, mum did not take any pictures during the actual exam. But she told them about my sort of hair ball thing a week or so ago, so they put a probe up my spot 13. Normal! Of course, I could have told them that and spared me the probe! Otherwise, I am healthy and up to date on my vaccinations.
 On the way home mum recorded the time and temp. Our appointment was the firsted one of the day at 9 AM, no other kitties or woofies to visit with. Mum likes it that way for us, less stuff to bother us. Plus since it was such a cold morning mum even went out and warmed the metal monster before she put me into it when we left home. That was a nice thing to do.
Me riding in the PTU on the way home. Quiet this time and as soon as she got me home, she brought me inside and let me out of the PTU. Derby did bug me for a few minutes but now all seems to be OK.

Hope the rest of you have a good weekend. 


  1. Glad everything went well! Love your furocious toofs in that first picture!

  2. I'm glad your checkup went well, Ducky! You weigh about the same as Binga (she is a large kitty for a girl - her weight is considered "normal" for her size!).

  3. Glad everything went well at your check up Ducky.

  4. Ducky, we are late wishing you a very Happy Gotcha Day! That was a heckuva way to celebrate...going to the Stabby Place. Yuck! We're glad you are 100% purrfect!

  5. We're glad all went well for you at the stabby place, Ducky. But we're trying to figure out how you got into our PTU. (we have that exact same one!)

  6. We're glad to hear that your checkup results were good. It sounds like your peep did her best to make you as comfortable as possible as it is for a cat who is stuffed in a PTU and taken out into nine degree weather to the vet. There had better have been extra treats after all that.

  7. Glad all went well at the dreaded vet's office.
    There are no ends of humiliations there--though the vet is nice.
    Take good care.
    The kitty brats

  8. Glad your check up was good.Quick visit considering the terrible thing you suffered :/
    All over now though! Whew!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  9. Well, as I said, the Human has made me read all about what a GOOD, GOOD boy you are at the Stabby Place, but I gotta be honest: I don't think it's gonna make any difference. I'm just hardwired to be terrified. Sigh. I'm glad some kitties are brave!!

    Thanks for visitng and leaving me such nice encouraging messages. Yes, I think I am about 85% back to normal. Well, as normal as *I* ever get anyway! MOL ;-)

  10. Sounds like everything is ok and for that we are thankful!

    We hate that you're still having such cold weather! Ours has finally let up, thank goodness. Catio time again!

    Happy Monday, mancats!


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